would bo jackson been the best runningback

THis guy is 6-0, 230, no fat. if it werent for his injury he would have been damn good

He was damn good

That’s an understatement! Bo was a beast. He rushed for 250+ yards in one game once, while playing for the Raiders. I saw a documentary on Bo a few months ago, and I quote:

“My intensity and competitiveness were borderline fanatical!”

“Running track, he ran a 10.39 in the 100 meters and 6.19 in the 60-yard dash. That speed made him one of the fastest backs to ever play college football and at 6-1, 222 pounds, he was the total athlete.”


I think he probably was a few pounds heavier when he played in the pros! Amazing athlete.

ya, im pretty sure he would have been real good, but on the show espn whos no. 1, i wanted to see that play of him blowing bosworth away, but they only showed pics of it

I think I heard somewhere that he took steroids to cure several injuries, that makes sense because of how huge he was he could probably tear a muscle easily.