Worst Tasting Protein

What is the worst protein you have ever tasted?

What are ALL the proteins you have tasted?

Designer whey protein, chocolate flavor is the worst tasting. Dirt with a hint of cat urine and a twinge of wheat germ.

I have tasted
biotest grow
gnc weight gainer 1440
designer whey
simply whey
optimum nutrition whey

met rx peanut butter chocolate
extreme chocolate tastes great though

worst by far was a gnc brand i think it was vanilla, didn’t mix well, tasted horrible.

marshall i like the designer chocolate!
didn’t like one of their vanillas though.

egg n whey

cant stand it

As an ex body builder i know the value and importance of supplements and proteins…I’ve experimented with loads of different proteins from Isolates to Whey to Weight Gainers you name it i’ve tried it! Now i’m a sprinter and i’ve found that the best protein for this game is one that is high in protein value and low in carb. The best one for me HAD to be Met-Rx Plus (46g Protein 3g Carbs per serving) I believe that its been my high protein in-take that has prevented me from any pulls or tears.

Worst: This award goes to MaxiMuscle Promax AND Designer Protein’s Protein Bars

Proteins tried and tested:

Met Rx, Maximuscle,Garnell,EAS,Labrada,Weider,ProLab,AST Science and MRM

proteinfactory’s recovery formula

Its pretty nasty, but it is a good drink. I haven’t tried many.

over the years i have tried alot of powders and taste doesnt really register with me as much as it use to.

personally i use proscore 100 by champion natural flavor and if you were to give taste samples to 100 member of the general public, 99 would probably roll up their face at the taste or the smell. but with that said, its the only whey protein i will use on a regular basis.

sportpharma has foul tasting powders, I would stay away from that stuff. I have yet to hear anyone say they enjoy, or can even tolerate the stuff. Talk about getting a gag reflex after trying to drink it!