"World's fastest men."


Charlie and Ben are amongst the people interviewed on the video. I cannot comment becuase my speakers don’t work at the mo… so I don’t know what is said. I’m gonna watch and listen to it tommorow.

45min long video on the “world’s fastest men”

Hosted by Michael Johnson.

been trying to watch that film for week now but it always stop playing.

Set it up, then after a few mins pull back the play “arrow” a cm (rewind a few mins), and then you should be able to watch it smoothly without the pauses from start to finish.

thanks bud…

that was good…other then the fact that michael johnson acts like most athletes are completely clean… and that the ones who get caught are a disgrace…but whatever it was a good video…

Yeah, I hoped the video wouldn’t be ofensive, my speakers weren’t working, so I didn’t know what was said, going to have a listen later.
But a 45min video on sprinters, I had to download it.

He’s doing a knee lift drill in the video, but he’s leaning backwards slightly as he does it. I thought leaning back in a dril was a no no.
Anyone want to comment on the way he did his drill?

LOL…That part of the doc. always made me laugh…I saw the original when it was on Sky One a couple years back now. I think it was a drill to over emphasise the high knee action…but yes he is leaning back quite considerably. I think the interesting part of his routine was the amount of bounding and boxing related type training he did.

Jason, would you say that the leaning backward, is not a good way of doing the drill?

Hi Goose…I would say that its not a good way simply because then the knees are being driven up excessively. From my readings and understandings ‘high knee’ is the point the knee is furthest away from the torso. Leaning back would cause to knee to come back towards the torso which isn’t good. I think we’d need to ask Alan himself what he believed he was trying to achieve from that particular drill… From looking at him run (old footage) he didn’t run leaning back…so in his case this ‘drill’ wasn’t detrimental to his actual running form.

Still, I wonder if leaning back increases the tension at the begining of kick, compared to begining of kick when not leaning back. Even if it does, I dunno if it would still be worth doing that way.