World Speed Summit coming soon

T and C are awesome.

I might be speaking on how cute my new 16 day old kitten is… MERK Francis Coon ;0. W and A and J need a bigger fam.

Or I might speak about what ever I want. ( notting new there according to some LOL, right Benjamin. He feels i am not crazy… He did recently stop me from maybe looking to dilute CMF home… thank gosh he stopped by or who knows…

Or more than likely I will do what I am told ( that has not yet happened unless it’s CMF, Jr jf or TK rhymes with ball. :wink:

I will speak about what T and C wish me to speak and show and tell. Maybe.

exciting none the less with or without the V.

With Such few races coming up this year, if any, how is it that some Sprinters are going to be prepared for the Trials or OLY (if held).
Some athletes can’t reach much needed speed in practice or use a constraint led method of some sort.

Athletes like C Coleman need very little racing before hitting great times? Others who need a number of races…are they at a disadvantage this year?

What’s are some work arounds for this?

I’m usually a meat and eggs (lots) kinda guy. Now, I’m a “whey protein” guy. Stock up on that before most ppl figure it out.

Trucks aren’t coming in on time from the North due to the Heavy Snow. 4000 items ordered…only 1000 items on trucks with many ppl waiting.


One idea is we hold our own event by special invite only when the dust settles. It will settle but we need everyone to practice social distancing and now isolation for some.

Look at it this way…This virus inadvertently will reset the human population. For better and for worse with no rings or and lots and lots of money lost and gained depending on if you are in the less than 1% or not. And by the way, never has there been a bigger chance and opportunity to gain. Since when? Well, the most recent as told to me by one financial neighbor and new acquaintance, 2000. And before then the big crash of the great depression and both World Wars.

Sportsmen and woman will never have it so good moving ahead. Drug testing and PED’s and this entire issue has been sidelined at least for the next year for sure so it’s now anyones gain if they know or have the right info.

We, me and you Balance and all of my awesome customers have been sharing and giving your experiences away and knowledge away via my website.

Each of you have supported Charlie and Ange and my son directly since 2000.

Thank you very much.

Sure, I have done my part and then some but that is because of my passion and love of sport long before Charlie and i married in April 14th 1989.

Charlie wanted this website to remain open and I have had the idea to honor him as my mentor, husband, father of my only son and child and very best and most special friend I have ever had to date. There might be one of two peeps coming close to that but lets wait and see about that. My son for sure is all Charlie and then some and for this I am beyond GRATEFUL.

Looking back I felt like I had all the disadvantages for training by my self with just Ange and Charlie. Now I see and it’s only been in the past decade that I see how right Charlie was. I guess i might have enjoyed arguing with him as he could be a real know it all at times. LOL

Coach Angé sees and feels and smells OPPORTUNITY all over this global situation.

Anyone else agree?

Don’t care if you do. In FACT, it’s better for me if no sees this eye to eye with moi.

No testing? Didn’t think about that one. Maybe the Jamaicans will make a return. A Huge one.
Delete the post of that is overboard. Haha