World Speed Summit 2

I wonder if you can get faster?

Yes, one thing I know for sure is you are able to get faster.

For the past 16 years has mentored some of the most passionate people in the world regarding speed development. Several of these individuals will be sharing their stories at the World Speed Summit 2.

World Speed Summit 2 will be featuring speed experts who have been strongly influenced by Coach Charlie Francis on a personal level.

You do not have to go anywhere. You do not need to leave the comfort of your own home. This will be an exciting opportunity for each of you.

At ZERO COST to you, you will learn how you can get faster, you will learn how these coaches succeeded and how they failed and how they came back to succeed and never gave up on their dreams.

Turn your passion for speed into a learning adventure with World Speed Summit 2. Unlock your personal recipe on how you can get faster in your sport of choice.



Angela Coon

Same as Chris posted last week?

So far really good.

It is going to be great. Enjoyed Angela’s presentation last time. VERY excited to hear from White, Pfaff, Hurst, and Behm. So of the names are new to me. So here is the question if I only have so much time in the day who else should I check out through the conference?

Can’t wait to hear from Tony Veney.

Toney is the man. So gracious and will to share what a great guy!

SHould be information overload…Excellent


World Speed Summit 2 is kicking off tonight instead of tomorrow.

Check it out.

I’m quite impressed with the presentations to-date. Talked with Sani Roseby since her session and expect continual success in her program.

Andreas Behm has some nice points concerning hurdles. The clips were useful as well.

Enjoyed Tony Veney’s description of the Chinese work protocol.

It’s been alright. I’ll rate it 6 or 7 out of 10 so far.

Why? Explain?

So would love to watch this…too bad I’m really busy. Is this available for only limited time??

You can sign up for unlimited access. I did so for the first Summit and refer back to the great work of a number of these coaches often.

It says I only get access for 24 hour period until the 20th. Where is the unlimited access option and is there any cost involved?

I bought the download, so waiting to be able to download them (I couldn’t listen to them during the sessions)