World Indoors Belgrade, Serbia

What is going on over there right now in Belgrade?

Anyone who has results and wants to post please do so…


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Why are are so many surprised the woman who won the 60m at the world indoors was in lane 8?

Haha…news coming from the powers who operate the World indoors can’t come up with a better story than that? True passion. NOT… at least get Mike Hurst to write the story…why not? or anyone that is in love with track the way some of you or your friends are right?

Good for her…Once you are in the finals, it’s anyones game to take and win and now she joins a pretty cool club.

who coaches her?

Once you educate yourself and stop listening to your buddies at the gym and read books and learn from people who crossed the finish line, then you might be able to understand how you are able to solve your training issues mostly on your own. You still need someone who has eyes, educated eyes on you.

Donavan did have Charlie’s ear on several occasions. That means zero regarding what or how he did what he did. He is a true Champion as is Ben, Desai, Angella, Lindford, Carl, Tim and Marion…So many and too many for me to list here. Each of them are world class humans and each of us can and will learn from anything and all things they have done and seen and experienced. Try not to block your thoughts ( your thoughts ) and work to think ( use your brain to figure out how to excel and ask why aren’t you getting faster) on your own. thinking on your own is a skill you are able to train yourself to acquire.

Track remains one of, if not the very best sport out there. No offense to any of the incredible athletes in so many cool and wonderful sports. Speed and power is the basis of almost all sports we love and enjoy.

Who wants to share a story about the world indoors? Is anyone got something they noticed or wish to contribute?

I cancelled cable years ago now to work on my expenses to try and stay in the home Charlie and I had. I do see clips here and there and thank you because some of you send me clips they want me to see or share. I appreciate that.

Jacobs just ran a more relaxed race.

Coleman is good but that lean at the very end was brilliant.

thanks Sergio.

Sergio sent me the clip. He is Italian and he used to train with us at York. Short, STRONG and I’ve known him for years. He never gives up…

Coleman’s start has been hindering him. There is this idea going around for a while now about the toe drag being the best way for everyone to start. And it’s mostly because of Ralph Mann and his “research”. The reality is that Coleman is 5’9" and a low-air-time sprinter. He should not be forced to use the same technique as 6’3", 6’5" long-air-time sprinters. Even in Coleman’s WR 6.34 in 2018 you can see his stumble, and even the commentators take note that he didn’t get the best start! Ralph Mann also teaches athletes to be as low as they can possibly be, that the should minimize triple extension as much as possible, and teaches athletes to bend at the waist. What should be taken note of as a good example as of recent is Bingtian Su, who ran a 6.29 split in his 100m Asian record of 9.83 last year. He doesn’t drag his toes, doesn’t break at the waist, and gets practically full extension. In the age of technology, a lot of overthinking has been done in the way of biomechanics. Low heel recovery and deep angles should be a result of higher power levels (and the athlete’s individual anthropometrics), but it is being falsely taught that it is the cause. Kudos to Randy Huntington (Su’s coach) for using common sense and not fixing what isn’t broken.

Jacobs looked pretty nice in the semi.

I’ve not been watching Coleman but if you have trouble with your start routinely it’s hard to be consistent with the result. I don’t get the toe drag thing at all and I also don’t understand all the talk about getting your athletes to do this or that. Everyone is so different and you have to figure this out as an athlete and also the coach has to allow this to happen. I was not a superstar by any stretch but gee whiz I am so grateful to have had a bit of a shot at realizing some of my talents on the track. I lost an entire decade and the worst decade from age 15 years to 25 years I was wandering around in the dark. Thank gosh I at least go to try and learn and experience so many cool things. I really think there are some amazing coaches and athletes out there but the balance of how it all plays out is a a bit of crap shoot. Charlie had ego for sure and I do think that contributed to how things played out for him but he felt so strongly about how things did not go well for him as an athlete that he was never going to do things this way as a coach.

Your analysis is bang on Brett. So much talking and telling and over thinking from coaches and athletes get caught up in this.

It was a fascinating to have experienced meeting and watching Tim and Marion train and talk and listen to Charlie. We both figured they had such enormous talent that they were able to override some of the bad habits from what ever happened along the way and still be able to become AMAZING and produce wonderful results. What a shame that things turned out as they did. They were robbed of many things and that is not to say some of what happened was not handled properly by them but Results and talent these two had loads of.

Tyrone told me about Randy a long time ago. It will be exciting to see how Su does. I love watching the variety of talent from other countries who may not have strong programs or support in their respective native countries of origin.

Brett, thanks for your comments. For the first time in over a decade I have genuinely enjoyed watching some of these races.

It would be fun to go to Oregon22 and watch.

I wonder how fast the Oregon track is?

I remember Charlie talking to the guy that built Montreal’s track.He was a friend of Charlie’s. He had told Charlie who had built the Atlanta’s track. The word at the time was “make the track fast”.

Jacobs is so smooth and fluid, and we know he can finish strong. He does seem to have the potential to run sub-9.7 if all things fall into place. And lest us not forget how difficult it is to win a big championship meet a year after the Olympics. Just needs to stay healthy really.

I called Ben yesterday to go to the track. I wanted to hear what he had to say about the race. He couldn’t meet me at York and he had to go.

Yeah, it would be cool to see him keep going and keep winning and dominate and do what few or no one has done for a long while… take over and really kick some serious butt over and over again. Do you think that could happen?

Maybe Coleman will be able to fix his start. It’s such an easy fix in relative terms but I guess he or who is coaching him needs to see this might be the area preventing him from not dominating or beating Jacobs.

Yeah, Coleman is pretty much his own worst enemy right now. But like you said, it is an easy fix if his coach is willing to be more open-minded. I doubt it will happen though, as he has been using the toe-drag for several years now. The most problematic part for him, though, was his inability to relax - which might only get worse with an extra 40m added on.

Jacobs, on the other hand, has the sprint world in his palms. The way he was able to relax under pressure and win a short race like that is very promising, given that he does not have a lot of previous experience or success at the 60m. I think he will continue to be relaxed and confident as he goes into outdoor and will be successful so long as he is healthy and managed properly.

The start is where a race can and will be won or lost because it’s exponential.

We, me, I, Charlie did not work endlessly with anyone on starts. He wove it into the day to day work, always on his mind and always talked and spoke of it. I was always annoying him with questions. What the heck did one expect as I trained alone almost all the time. Not by choice and when that changed…blah blah blah who cares… I still care but let me not get diverted.

Who ever is coaching him is an idiot. If the person coaching him CAN not see this his loss. Coleman is save -able however. Likely the coach is not an idiot and he or she or whom ever needs to see the opportunity attached to this change. Coleman has it in him to change even change and stay with the coach. He doesn’t need to discuss it with the coach. Well, ultimately the coach and the athlete need to be on the same page of no one really is going to get what they need and want.

I like Coleman. He’s strong and fast and he is or was hungry. But everyone is snacking at the same table and there are many guys out there willing to do the changes to fix it and win. Coleman needs to understand this and he needs to figure it out and maybe he needs to stop listening the chatter in the background as there will be lots of chatter at his level of play.

Relaxation is a function of preparation and confidence also is a function and by product of knowing ( or not knowing) things are going as you feel they should. So likely Coleman knows even if it’s in the back of his mind. Even if as you say he has done the toe drag for a long time, how has that worked for him? We see how it’s worked for him.

Who is going to the WC in Oregon? I might go and if I do I am going to meet these gentleman. They both seem like respectful competitors and they both have the sprint world in their palms but maybe only one of them understands that and the other is struggling with something, someone who knows?

Great comment again Brett. Thanks for the insight.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. A meet and greet would be super awesome. I will see if I can make it happen. Thanks again for maintaining this site, it’s such a goldmine. I read through threads I have read a dozen times before and still seem to come out with a new nugget of information every time.

I got diverted last night on a thread on social… it took me someplace that made me realize a few things that I have to offer outside of sport… long story short I feel like I just lost the better part of 12 years…One note of good news is the site has never been more interesting to me and I am finally able to be here without wanting to explode the entire time I am here… Most of us have zero clue how our mates are going and how one another are doing… I know this for sure because I allowed doctors to tell my family how long of a life my son’s father had to live… Why are we doing that? Doctors are… I am not going to finish that sentence as humans are mostly doing their best and finding there way and figuring it out ( we hope) or at least trying.
I have reached out to two people in the coaching world who not so recently have been public about their health. One I did not support when he wrote his book and the other I did not know very well but reached out and was very clear about how I might be able to share regarding what to do and what not to do as far as listening to doctors… who KNOW our fate. Really? someone studies differently than you or me and they know what exactly?

Anyway, Ange for Coleman jumping over to Randy’s camp or Randy reaches out via some friend ( Ill do it or maybe we would be able to get T-slow to talk to him? )

Point is Charlie never forgave himself for denying access to Angela Bailey into the group as Angie T did not want her in the group. As many of you know Angela Bailey died recently and many of her fellow Canadian friends had zero clue she was ill let alone ready to die. She was not yet 60 years old. She was cool, funny, interesting, engaging and I really liked Angie a lot. I am also friends with Angella and I am god mother to her youngest daughters son. Charlie and I spent most of our 10 years before having our son in 1999, at Angie’s house and with her children.

So many stories and so much time has past. Let’s use this site and this info the make things better for coaches, athletes, parents and anyone interested in learning and understanding how it was done, how it can and might be done and what you need to know. thanks to anyone reading this. It’s a privilege for me to be here. I think Charlie would like it.

Another example of this toe drag crap ruining a start. Not only that, but you can tell something is off with his block settings too. His back leg is way too far back. His front knee is on the ground, which, is not quite as big of a deal, but you can tell that they are trying to re-invent the wheel with him. I am somewhat surprised, since Caryl Smith Gilbert is coaching him, and she did so well with DeGrasse at USC years ago. But I think the problem is that the analytics people, headed by Ralph Mann, have really pigeonholed most of the sprint coaches out there. Sure, some people do just fine with this type of start, but it is absolutely not the best for everyone. Common sense and practical applications are being sucked right out of coaching. Of course the science is important, but it seems that the art of coaching has been taken out of the sport because of these dogmatic approaches. Instead of learning from fast runners, we are trying to tell everyone this is the only way to run fast. Didn’t someone use to say many roads lead to Rome? And there is more than one way to skin a cat!

If someone runs fast, people will copy him. Just like mo and his head down drive, we have asafa and his toe drag.

you are right Chris. ( nice to see you / we miss what’s his name too but likely I pissed him off… wish him my best anyway. I hope he is doing as he does and taking care of that little fam he has/ he’s not a bad egg at all…)

[QUOTE=Brett;262476]Another example of this toe drag crap ruining a start. Not only that, but you can tell something is off with his block settings too. His back leg is way too far back. His front knee is on the ground, which, is not quite as big of a deal, but you ca Didn’t someone use to say many roads lead to Rome? And there is more than one way to skin a cat!
What is the point of the NFS rule at NCAA? What a pile of crap that is. It’s a terrible overall rule for sport.

Next, maybe he doesn’t want to listen to his coach or maybe she actually thinks it’s a good idea? Like Chris said maybe he has convinced his coach(es)? x, y or z person does it this way and it’s fine? The coach is not his mommy or his daddy. He is 21 years old. I dunno…

What a waste of a race…and it’s annoying listening to the commentators…[/b]


The NCAA announcers, especially the lady is terrible. She says the same crap over and over about front side mechanics. I hate hearing them


When we used to watch track ( I got rid of cable several years ago because I was not watching anything ever) Charlie used to mute all the time. He HATED the announcers almost 100 percent of the time. Geez, he was a funny guy and had zero tolerance for crap…( so many vanilla people out there now… so much political bullshit.
And was it or was it not a false start and what’s up with the green flag? Why didnt they re-run that race?