World-Class Sprinters Attack Ground to Maximize Impact Forces, Speed

My first impression was that they are just stating obvious.

Actually the title of that article should be: Effects Of Velocity On Ground Reaction Forces in Different Sports or Changes In Ground Reaction Forces Across Different Sports During Variable Velocity Tests.

In my opinion we can ask quite few questions eg.
Is it interesting read for fitness coaches? Yes.
Does it contribute to the development of the knowledge in regards of “sprints”? No.

I like to observe the changes in Sport Science in the last decade or even two. Sport Science took the life of its own.

I let myself to quote T-Slow from one of the threads “Charlie was right, and was 30 years ahead of science”

Sure. It’s just a very broad, basic, simple concept. But it sure is useful for a beginner. I remember when I was in high school and how much I appreciated the speed endurance articles like this. But for a developed athlete, articles like that do get redundant. Like I said, you just gotta remember that there are people it will be very educational to. Everyone starts somewhere.

I agree with both of you. Most of these articles are redundant. Most coaches regurgitate. I can honestly say I learned 85-95% of my sprint knowledge from stumbling upon this site a decade ago.

Also its sometimes good to have refreshers, even if its just something that should be common sense.

It’s kind of like bodybuilding magazines publishing new routines every month. You’re not going to see anything earth shattering that’s radically different from the old York Barbell or Mark Berry courses from the 1930s. If I did see something radically different I would be very suspicious of it.

Completely agree

all this article is going to do is resurge the front side stuff and get people stomping the track and pulling again, i bet

The data is not sufficient, consequently I don’t think that one article will change the world of sprinting, lol.
Rather confirm information’s which are widely known to coaches.

Bit more on the research from SMU here, including videos:

No, it’s not just front side an pulling. You cock the leg first (sarcasm intended).

Story of my life with the coach I had.


I think I sound like a broken record but here it goes anyway.

The reason Angela Coon has kept online is:

  1. To get very rich

  2. To re invent how to run fast and how to sprint because Coach Francis was just a lucky duck.

  3. To start a website 15 years ago and give away tons of free training information because that is what nice people do.

  4. all of the above

  5. none of the above

  6. to keep relevant info online to combat the serious bull shit that dominates the majority of training material available for consumers.

If you picked number 6 send me a note. We can commiserate or celebrate depending on our mood.

lol haha!!!

Sure and that’s absolutely fantastic, there are no words to express how grateful I am to Angela for all the efforts so that this website could exist. Thank you.

However even with all the available info, materials etc… it’s difficult to change people approach to the subject of training for sprints, I know number of coaches who went to the seminars, conferences, got plenty of info and they still continue their training for 1&2 sprinters with 10x300!!! And they don’t give a s… in regards of injury risk. Started their season with nearly 30 healthy athletes and finish with 7!!!

And because one survived and run good time now they have at least another 10 new recruits coming to their groups. is undoubtedly great website and I hope it will continue to exist for long time so the new generation will have a ground to start from and necessary info to develop their knowledge and necessary skills to understand the training process for not only sprints but for all different sports.



Thank you for your thoughtful note.

It’s difficult for coaches and athletes to understand what they don’t know, have never been taught or never experienced first hand.

The body of information in the S and C , training and coaching world is not unified. Further, shared knowledge and collaboration is the exception not the rule. ( am I correct on this?)

In my opinion you need to look at the background of why information is available. In the case of it’s history had to do with one man wanting to re establish his spot in the history books by way of teaching others what he knew for sure. ( the result was the forums given away for free and this was something he insisted on. The forums must be available to anyone interested in learning).

Those who are willing to take the time, study existing information and have some ability to critically think will note consistent ideas from those people who have historically and presently been achieving the results in sprinting.

Things take time to change.

There is a lot of work to be done before I can say we have made it easy for people to understand what sprinting is all about.[/b]

speaking of History, here is a flash back circa 1986,835548

Cf tells BJ after his last place finish at the Commonwealth Trials in 1978
“Keep relaxed and progress will come from natural evolution”

here is a flash back from a book (NFL) back from the 60s or 70s…Be Intuitive

^^^^good stuff

ONe real big problem now is that the spread of misinformation is much easier with youtube and the internet. THen you throw cross-shit in the mix and now your really in for it. People have to want to learn, and be able to decipher the bull from the reputable. There are millions of high school coaches who by pass cf, and read the speed book found in mens health if that. Like Angela said, it will take time. Some people stumble upon greatness and recognize it, some dont.

Thanks Chris.
I agree that the good and confusing part of online information is it requires the user to have knowledge and at the same time be able to exercise good judgment. This combination is rare in my experience working with athletes, private clients and the normal population.
Last year I was doing some nutritional work which included some optional training. I was curious what I might find. One of the things I was asked to do was an interval cross fit challenge. I told the guy I was not ready to do this and we did some other fairly reasonable training instead. The X fit challenge was the following =
12 burpees
24 pushups
36 squats
200 meter run
Repeat 4 x.
Oh, and I would be timed and the warm up was not really discussed. Apparently I was supposed to warm up on my own but no one told me this. This workout was supposed to be intense and short and I get that but I was also thinking it might be advantageous to walk later.
The other option was
5 burpees
10 pull ups
15 push ups
20 over head lunges
25 kettle bell
200 meter run
Repeat 3 x
Needless to say I never did this either.
In generally , it’s very hard for people to see that you can gain some mobility and speed doing runs over 10 meters. Drills seem antiquated and systematic training is BORING.

People instinctively want something complicated. It reminds me of one of Gambetta’s rants against Charlie, stating that he watched Charlie’s sprinters work out and it was nothing special, just simple stuff. Like that was somehow ineffective.