World Class 400m Hurdlerrs over the open 400?

Anyone have an idea what WC 400mH runners run over the open 400???

Yeah good question. Is it about the same time hurdles as flat? What is the time between the hurdles if your aiming for 53?

Take ther PB’s and substract between 2,5 and 3,5 seconds for the 400 flat times.

47.24 Kerron Clement USA 31 10 1985 1 Carson, CA 26 06 2005

44.57 Kerron Clement USA 31 10 1985 1r2 Fayetteville, AR 12 03 2005

so around 2.5-3.5 seconds is about right which puts kevin young as a sub 44.5 man in the 400. of course his personal best was a huge pr for him and smashed the world record. but 400 hurdlers are fast just like any other sprinter…( :eek:

yea but Kerron Clement ran that 44.57 indoors. It could have been a low 44 or maybe even a high 43 if it were run outdoors…

If memory serves, Kevin’s pr that season was 45.1x or thereabouts at Mt.SAC. However, he ran several sub 45s carrying a 4x4 baton and legendary SE and SpecEnd work bouts with Watts didn’t hurt!

Do you have any detail on these workouts? thanks

I had a chance to witness a 350m set that had some strong kickers at the end. I didn’t have a watch at the time, but they didn’t appear much off of top 400m race quality. And very relaxed.

On another day, I saw some fast, but relaxed 110s with leisure walk back recovery. Kevin would later do some easy paced hurdle work.