World Championships USA west coast

If I go, I am going to hold a meet and greet and I am going to stay in Ashland because I can and it’s lovely place.

I took James there for an event and reached out the university track coach which was almost across the street from where I was staying. It’s about a 2 hours and change drive to where the new stadium is holding the WC this July.

3 months for Coleman is a nice chunk of time to get his start changed and maybe change how he is thinking about things? I dunno… Maybe you are right Brett.

Where and when is this? Any details?

Ange, I agree that Coleman has plenty of time to change his start. I just doubt that the willingness will be there from his coach since he did achieve the WR with that start. But if he really wants to reach his potential maybe he will realize that things have to change. Coleman should seriously consider working with Randy Huntington.

Where and when is what? The world outdoor champs? LOL or my setting up a meet and greet someplace? I have not travelled since covid. Hawaii, Florida and Cali are on my list soon, hopefully all three this year? At least one or two I hope. We have customers all over. Australia, EU and Britain are next…

Maybe do we start a thread? I have always been one to support the underdog. I’m not sure if we would call Coleman an underdog exactly but maybe…

Why didn’t Coleman and some of the yanks and Canadians compete down south recently? I guess the ‘A’ game right now is getting ready for July and rest is needed from the indoors. Yeah, that makes sense.

I wonder where Coleman takes a rest. In EU or home front where ever that is.

Coleman is listed as a volunteer coach at Kentucky where his coach is on the full time staff.

THat’s cool. John Caulfield asked me just last week about maybe volunteering. ( he brother was the famous Brian who Charlie had many hilarious stories to tell about… he was buddies with Bishop and other throwers across the globe back in the day.

giving back and volunteering can be a lot of fun and rewarding.

I have no idea what the status of Coleman is. Is he still not able to compete?

I’m staying in a nice cottage near Mapleton.

Great. Send me your address and I will come and visit. :wink:

sort of joking but not really…

I will see who might want to go to World champs next Saturday.

I might be able to convince Ben… unless it’s free I won’t be convincing him of anything LOL

Angie might need to be here to take part in her growing family.

Let’s see

I sent you a message. If you don’t get it, let me know.

I love the rain :wink: plus water heals and water is useful for recovery and training. I did walking lunges today in a body temperature pool for example.

clever name.

Let’s start talking about predictions on the track.

I have a few but let’s see who might go first…

What have I been up to?

Who cares. LOL ( that’s one answer)

Sold the house that was in the family since 1948. WOW

Saved myself some new head aches. NICE

Smoked a cigar with JPF last evening and LOVED it. He’s a chip off the parents without any doubt.

Training is going well. Been doing hills and some strength training. Thinking of going to see Boyle or one of Poloquins people. When Mr Al V. gets back i will speak to him about who might be able to show me proper techniques for a few key lower body lifts.

Been spending lots of time outside with early morning light.
Lots of time with my mom as she’s too cool for school but she has yet to fully realize that yet.
I seem to have a thing for October birth people October 13th was my son’s dad’s birthday. Never used to think that was a thing but turns out the universe might not lie.
Change might be good as long as it’s in periodized volumes. Speaking of Tudor ( aka Father of Periodization who designed the bones of my first proper lifting ) I owe him a call. I did not know he wrote his first book in his 50’s. He makes me laugh and he is one of the nicest man’s and smartest men I have met.

How about the youngster who’s setting the sprint world on fire in the 200m. Would like to know more about him but I’ve not asked Ben about him yet.

Oh he’s going to be fun to watch.

And speaking of fun and the woman’s 100m ( how the heck to I post a big grin and smile without emojis. Phil is ready to get the site back end updated but I’m the slow poke )

hope everyone is training hard or hardly training and having fun. Otherwise. What’s the point.

Go get what you want. Get what you need. Be kind. Do onto your friends and enemies as you might like them to do onto you. ( sounds easy right? You don’t need to be good at it yet…)

On the 35th Anniversary of the '87 World Championships, I raided my vault and found the Preview Edition of Athletics Today. ‘Who will strike Gold in Rome?’

What a great find and I love the title and so true. Love it.