Working the hamstrings

After reading CFTS the reverse hamstring press seems to be the most important hs move, unfortunately my facility does not have the equipment. What is the next best alternative?

What is the physical preparedness of the athlete? Power cleans can often be not as useful for young athletes who don’t have a good base of preparedness. Medball throws (as others have mentionned) are a much better option due to their technical ease.

Hypers and reverse hypers are very effective and can be done on a box-horse or a secured table, steeplechase barrier etc. These are demonstrated clearly on the GPP DVD available at the site store.

Has anyone ever tried hyper ext. w/a med ball throw?

i have tried them on occasion and i liked them. Just make sure the hyperextension bench is secured and the athlete maintains a slight arched back.

Which direction do you throw the ball? Forward or down?

You can also face the opposite way on a back extension machine. Put a dumbbell between your legs at knee or ankle level for resistance.

would you use the Reverse Leg Press later on in the season -during Max Str, for example- vs. the Rev. Hypers/Hypers? For safety reasons, I mean, if nothing else, if you want to put some load in this movement? Would it work in the same way?
Rev. Hypers/Hypers could be used throughout, I suppose, as supplementary exercises…