working on 1RM improvement using singles/doubles?

So two questions, how useful to do something like 10x1 cleans with >95% ?

and something like 5x2 for bench press?

As a sprinter no need to go that heavy on the power cleans, I would keep the loads 60-85%. I can’t answer the bench press question because 5x2 could be at 55% or it could be 96%.

Why not got go that heavy on cleans if the temporary goal is improving 1RM of the clean?

And 5x2 is at the point where a 3rd rep is not possible, dont have an ideal percentage but something around 95%.

If that’s your goal, then do it. That goal is not congruent necessarily though (likely not at all) with sprinting as fast as you can. Your clean 1RM, on its own, is irrelevant to sprinting ability.

Why do you want to increase your cleans? You can still improve strength a ton with loads in the 60-85%, try doing 12x2 at 80% using 90-120 sec rest etc.

BTW, I don’t like that bench press setup… Always try and leave at least 1-2 reps in the tank.

The clean is my major weakness in the weight room, as well as my power jerk/push press. I also dont find myself overly explosive on any med. ball throws, so Im thinking by improving my clean, then all explosive exercises will go up due to improved RFD which = faster sprinting.


I was looking to see if singles with cleans can be a good mix up to the usual set ups, to improve.

why do you find that better?

You could do something like below:

bp: 5x4x185

bp: 3x5x185



Keep increasing the weight each week by 2.5-5lbs.

It’s ok to try and increase your clean but don’t tailor your whole program just to increase your clean.

RFD is specific to the activity, so no. The rate you develop force in a clean is different from sprinting. That isn’t to say there aren’t numerous positive effects of Olympic lifts, it is just that specifically training to increase 1RM in that lift is not going to carry over.

These points have been hashed over with thoughts from Charlie, No2, and others numerous times. A search would probably help you more than starting another thread.

looks good, im looking for a 315 1RM by end of february, currently at 285.

im looking to maximise my use of time in the weight room. When i go to the gym, I look to get stronger by moving bigger numbers. A lot of times, the track work was too much so the gym work isnt going to be as good of quality. But typically Im able to complete a good sprint session, then be able to do cleans, squats, RDLs, upper body work, etc. depending on the day, with good quality.

so basically my original question is looking to increase my 1RM the quickest way possible thus maximizing my gym time.

That isn’t maximizing your time for sprinting.

You run 7.5 60m and powerclean 285? You need to spend more time sprinting and less time lifting anyway.

lol no

i bench 285 :slight_smile:

i power clean 185-195 for 1 rep, whilst my deadlift is high 300 - 405 range, and squat 365x3

60m pb - 7.4
100m pb - 11.30 (0 wind)

When I ran 7.44 over 60m, The 115lb bench press almost killed me… Just run more, less time spend in the gym :slight_smile:

i know your point.
My track workouts though cant afford any more volume/int. on the whole lol.
This year im aiming for a 10.8 and doing a ton of speed work.
Im in the gym on sundays, wednesdays and fridays.

With sundays being heavy squats, cleans, bench, + 1 posterior chain exercise or pulling exercise
wednesdays cleans, squats, bench and some form of assistance work
fridays dynamic box squats, jump squats, overhead presses, back work

Everything is based on the CF philosophy, whatever is left from the sprint work, is spent in the gym.

I will admit, I do some curls for the biceps :smiley: and tricep work for improving my bench press, but those are a very small volume in my overall training.

I don’t understand how your body can handle three hi intensity days…

I don’t either after reading this. What is the intensity of each day that you’re in the weight room? You’re doing some form of power and fast twitch 3 days per week, plus sprint work? Seems like overkill. Just because you’re following the CF philosophy doesn’t mean it will work for you. I think you need to dumb it down and re work the set up.

But first,

We’ve seen the set up for the weight room, what’s the set up on the track and how do these flow together?

I don’t see how this is a “CF” set-up. The volumes an intensity combo in the weigh is absurdly high.

this is my typical set up:

mon: rest

tues: club workout (has been mostly tempo, will become more accel. work/speed in new year now)

wed: lifting (as shown above)

thurs: rest

fri: speed on my own. Workouts I’ve used in last couple sessions on fridays have been : 6x55m , 5x FEF (30/25/15) + lifting

sat: rest

sun: speed on my own, max.V based, 5x70m or 6x flying 25m, can vary + lifting

The tuesday workout is at 7 pm - 8 30 pm so lifting after is not an option. Lifting 3x per week seems to be ideal for this time of the year, and those are the volumes I use for speed. 180-350m per session.