Work Capacity Development: The Role of 600s, 800s & 1000s

What is the role of doing 600s, 800s & 1000s for aerobic power development in addition/replacement of tempo?
Speed of this intervals may be based on:

  1. Percentage of speed at given distance like tempo (50-60%), yoyo IntRec test (speed reached) or any other standardized test
  2. Percentage of vVO2max, or speed at VO2max (can be calculated from 6min run or 12 min run, but this goes in n.1)

I guess this is better than doing LSD (long slow distance) running anyway, but I am asking is this good addition/replacement to tempo workout (consisting of 100s, 200s, 300s)?
Again, everything depends on the situation/context/goals but I am wondering will this be too much if done on LowInt days or is it going to ‘choke’ speed development more than LSD, tempo run?
I guess there is no need for this if there are SSG implementation for the same duration/effort (longer aerobic intervals)?
Thanks in advance!


Have you found where you are located that coaches still encourage long distances to “get fit”? Where I am at, it’s as common as McDonald’s! Often when sport coaches “dictate” what training athletes do, this might be something to do once in a while to keep the coach off your back so to speak.

i remember we had to do 1000yd shuttles in high school, and i believe unc use to perfrom 1000yd shuttles with there american football athletes in the 90’s, univ of texas also used the 1000yd shuttles not sure if jeff madden still use them.

Serves no purpose IMO except for the strength coach to impress others with how tough he is.

Well, that is a goal too :slight_smile:
I have just spoke with one player, and me mentioned doing three types of ‘aerobic conditioning’ work:

  1. Long Aerobic Repetitions — 3x12-15min LSD
  2. Middle Aerobic Repetitions — 400-600s usually at a pace of 25sec (or faster/slower) per 100m. Usually pyramids are done: 400+500+600+500+400, rest, repeat
  3. Short Aerobic Repetitions — 10x80m for 15 sec w/15sec recovery… some kind of blend between RSA training and intensive tempo

The week structure was 1,2,3, 1,2,3, rest. I do NOT plan to introduce this kind of work (btw, I quit my job at the soccer club last friday) but I posted it for discussion sake.

what is your opinion regarding DECREASING recovery time for standardized tempo workout? For example:
2x5x200m for 38-40sec w/60’ rest, then after a workout or two decrease recovery for 5-10sec, as the ‘recovery ability’ improves?
I planned doing tempo 1 (tempo progression via 100s, 200s and 300s organization and total volume, with standardized pace and recovery period [50m walk]) and tempo 2 (tempo progression via decreasing recovery time with standardized pace and total volume, ie 2x5x200s) for general aerobic conditioning [work capacity] development this preparatory period. Unfortunally, I think I am not going to be able to do it, yet I will try it on my personal soccer client and report back in the next 6 wks.

what about in soccer, basketball, ect, sports with a higher aerobic component?

This is a soccer thread, so… I guess Charlie was talking with this on mind, not sprinters…

I use decreasing recovery to progress from year to year (upto a point) rather than increasing volume. I prefer it because of reduced number of contacts

i would just say that in order to progress with tempo and stay under the 75% threshold, you must decrease rests over time. Generally, the tempo type is set by the preceeding high intensity session, so, when feeling fully recovered, the tempo might be faster, when not so recovered the tempo will be slower, requiring shorter rests to be effective. That said, you can’t always set the tempo type too far in advance because there is always the response to previous training.

What would a long continuous rep do that intervals wouldn’t do better? I thought the superiority of interval training over continuous runs was settled long ago.

Isn’t that true for all ‘secondary’ training components? :slight_smile:

keep the running around 125 meter max…
what you shud be striving for is a quick burst of speed to get the gap…so u can take
a clean shot… remember soccer is about timing and setup…

50 metre full runs… stop on a dime, moving the ball keeping it beside you… fro another 50metre

try that 5 time…


My approach too

Yup, the volume should be ‘capped’ not progressed over time. More is NOT Better, better is better :slight_smile:

Yes it can be manipulated to suit.
Sometimes actually it might be good ‘throw in a grenade’ and increase the volume if it suited to open them up a little.
(Of course not killing anyone too helps)

Is good this distance for Futsal?Thx