Women's Soccer

:smiley: BRUSSELS, Aug 22 - Belgian women’s soccer team SK Berlaar had to stomach a 50-1 defeat against rival KV Mechelen on Saturday because their goalkeeper had opted to attend a music concert instead, a local newspaper said.

``Our keeper went to Pukkel Pop. That’s why,’’ substitute goalkeeper Charlotte Jacobs told Het Laatste Nieuws daily today.

KV Mechelen scored their first goal after only four seconds.

``At half-time the score was 27-0. But after half-time we were able to recover. We had to stomach only 23 goals and we scored once ourselves, right at the end. They allowed us to score. That was sweet of them,’’ Jacobs added.

50 goals in 90 minutes that is pretty impressive no matter how crap the team are you are competing against!

And I’m sorry, but you simply can’t blame that all on the goal keeper! Where were the rest of the defenders? If you don’t let the other team shoot, then they can’t score. 50 shots in one game is a lot.