Women's 200m Final

Should be a great race tonight, vegas really love DS… I think Elaine still have something in the tank.

Ds has a lot of arm and back pimples, might need to change her soap. lol

Elaine for the win, in 21.6 or below. bowie for second.

DS wasted too much in the semi IMO

Don’t know good money coming in on DS. Should be a close race…

Marie-Josee Ta Lou (Women 200M) -130 vs Michelle-Lee Ahye

Easy cash… Elaine is a fine thang…

These woman did a fantastic job. I love Elaine. She is fabulous.
Yes, RB34. We here you.

I think vegas is trying to trick us… Cindy Roleder (Women 100m Hurdles) -120 vs Pedrya Seymour

That number is totally off, hopefully im not wrong…

Damn, im wrong the numbers moved on me… smh Buying out…


first track gold for usa , rollins in 100h…the others for US are field… the world has caught up

supa fine, with that sexy walk
plus I made a few bucks

Love those inner thigh tats… lol

that back arch

Who do u have in the 4x100?

Men’s 200m Final - gonna make several plays on this event…

C.Lemaitre wins a medal (Men 200 Meters)+540* vs C.Lemaitre no medal (Men 200 Meters)

Too much value in this play… He has a shot to medal tonight…

2 medal winners on 2nd and 4th legs

everyone has a shot. lol

Easy money

Everyone was sleeping on Lemaitre…