Wind at Mt. Sac 100m - A Farce?

Very interesting that the wind in the men’s Invitational 100m at Mt. Sac was recorded at -1.6m/s. I was just reviewing my video tape of the race and there are flags all over the stadium - along the track, etc. None of these flags were flying toward the runners (i.e. in their face). If anything, the flags were flying toward the finish line at a slight diagonal - slight positive wind, I would assume.

Then… I reviewed my footage of the women’s Invitational 100m. The flags were flying EXACTLY the same way, yet the wind guage recorded a +2.1 m/s wind.

How valid are these wind readings? Everyone is now saying the Mo’s 100m 10.02 was actually a sub-10 run. I would have to dispute this based on what I felt at the meet, and what I saw from the video tape.


Event 458 Men 100 Meter Dash Invitational

Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Wind

1 Maurice Greene adidas 10.02 -1.6
2 Dwight Phillips Nike 10.26 -1.6
3 Tim Montgomery El Capitan 10.27 -1.6
4 Claudio Souza Brazil 10.33 -1.6
5 Jason Smoots Nike 10.35 -1.6
6 Kaaron Conwright Nike 10.45 -1.6
7 Farbas Mascarenyas Brazil 10.52 -1.6
8 Marquis Davis Unattached 10.53 -1.6
9 Chaz Clemens Roland Internati 10.71 -1.6

Event 456 Women 100 Meter Dash Invitational

Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Wind

1 Inger Miller Nike 11.04 2.1
2 Allyson Felix adidas 11.14 2.1
3 Angela Daigle Nike 11.24 2.1
4 Brianna Glenn adidas 11.40 2.1
4 Lucimar Moura Brazil 11.40 2.1
6 Miesha McKelvy-Jones Nike 11.44 2.1
7 Liliana Allen Mexico 11.54 2.1

Did they turn the wind meter around maybe?

Or perhaps they turned the stadium around. Bwaha.

Who knows with wind readings. Talk remains to this day about whether Flo-Jo’s 1988 Oly Trials race was legit.

Mo Greene may or may not have run a sub-10 neutrally, but regardless the wind was the same for everyone. Greene wasted the field. Tim Montgomery looked like he had a difficult time. I hope he gears things up soon.

The only thing you can be sure of was the margin of victory- which was immense.

I agree. Both Inger Miller and Maurice Greene won those races decisively. The crowd at the meet almost sounded a bit shocked by the results. Of course, not quite as shocked as when Marion was beaten by virtual unknowns.

It will be interesting to see how the performances evolve as we make our way toward the Olympics.

What did Marion run?

23 and change.

I was at mt sac watching those races. During mo’s race atleast from the stands there didn’t seem to be much wind at all at the side of the staduim, i can’t remeber what they flashed on the board but i’m prety sure it wasn’t a
negetive 1.6 or anything posotive if anything it was pretty dead. But the race was already over after 30m. I remeber standing up at as mo took the huge lead the croud was in shock and the looking at the stand was quite amusing. As for the multiple rounds thing, i’m not so sure mo ran the anchor leg of the 4x100 and looked awesome and compared to the 100m invite finals he looked even better. Though the highlight of the meet was the dude from a ncca div 2 school winning the invite 400m and shocking everyone that was HUGE.

Good point about the relay leg.

Doesn’t the wind guage work at one instant and then it takes a reading rather than taking average over the whole race!!! Thats What I know. But then that will give huge errors. I once came out of my blocks with no wind around at all. And then all at a sudden after 20m I got that huge blow in my face all the way to the finish. And the wind reading was -0.02!! That I guess proved nothing about the wind. Maybe the time the wind gauge was worked was when a gust of wind was going the other way. Plus, sometimes the wind is not exatly the same around the stadium. I mean you sometimes get these blows in different specific places, or am I wrong?? Wish I’d get someone to clear that up for me.

The wind is taken over a 10sec period in the 100m

oh thanks Charlie. I also liked the fact that the stronger you would be the less you get influanced by the wind. Its something I always had in head but then I never knew anything to support! May be thats why Tim runs his good times with some “OK” wind? He’s a bit smaller than the others. I’m not saying he’s small but, smaller than some others. Maurice seems to do well when the wind is in his head. " I think relatively ".

So Does that mean that Strength would could be another reason for consistancy???