wind aided

start at 57 min


Thanks for the vid…haven’t seen that race from 1986 before.

RE: wind-aided races

BJ-“The wind was a little too strong. I lost my stride pattern and eased off.” Jan. 1987,3497744&hl=en

Mo Greene-“It makes me skip a couple of steps” June 2004

remember this from the old supertraining site?
pre 2002

Charlie Francis wrote:

This is just more of the same old explanation for injuries- must
be an imbalance! - when, in fact, the vast majority of injuries are
caused by bad training.

Re “Bad Training”

Among the errors this covers: poor selection or placement of training tasks,
improper progression of workload,
insufficient recovery, inadequate or incorrect technical instruction,
inappropriate competition, or any of the
myriad other possibilities for misadventure… in short, bad training. Every
factor must be reviewed after any
injury occurs, to insure the greatest likelihood of avoiding a recurrence.

replace injury with “Bad luck” over and over and over again at the Majors/Rounds lol

I was 11 when Ben ran that race in Perth. I can still remember vividly the blazing first 60- the power and speed were just incredible

seriously, what was the 60 mark in?

Hot sure what he went through 60m in, but he’d just broken the 60m record and had a 3.5m/ sec tailwind…so would have been out there. Totally blew Alan Wells away and then backed right off.