Will Usain break the 200m record?

Will Usain Bolt break the 200m record?

I believe he will, but must be given proper conditions

Conditions are always essential for 200s because you need wind to be right in two different directions but a big stadium gives you a chance to shut the wind out.

Ya so thats why the wind was always around 0.0m

I agree with CF, wind has to be right in the 200, IF, it were one race I’d say he gets it, but don’t forget he has 4 more rounds, btw, hope he does it.:stuck_out_tongue:

When will the 200 meter races start?

The main question should be “will Bolt run through the line or shut it down at 110m?”

It maybe a good idea for him to shut down we may get another fast time, Asafa did Ben did it and so did Usain. Who knows it may happen if he doesn’t aim to break the record.

I voted yes. I will probably be wrong again.

Let’s hope he’s on lane 6 in the final. However, I don’t think he’ll break it in Beijing (although a window of opportunity seems to have presented itself).

It will definitely be interesting to watch.

I’d be very surprised if he ran 19.31 or below at these Olympics. 19.5 would be a stunning effort, of course winning the Gold medal comes first

I think Yes. If he dosen’t improve the record by 5-10 hundredths then he will run right on it. Usain is definitely capable of breaking the record in the future so in the next few years that record is in for a major drop.

No WR but I expect a sub 19.6s

I think he will also.

I will say no for now. However if he runs the bend in sub-10, I’m sure that he’ll know he’s on for something special and give it full effort all the way trhough…at least I hope he does !

Nice call guys. Too bad he didn’t have a tailwind!

barely lol

This is what they call “a Ben Johnson moment” when something occurs that is so beyond desciption that it simultaneously inspires rising athletes, demoralizes competitors and electrifies the world in a way that transcends track and field.

The beginning, forever, of a new era in sports