Wierd leg muscle issue

Recently I’ve had to do some minor running, and I’m finding that I feel like a twinge of tightness in my legs. The area is on my right leg, right where the hamstring inserts into the glute. It’s an annoying feeling but it has only happened, when I was going one speed but then I tried to turn it on out of the blue. I didn’t bother to stretch, or warmup that much but my question is what is causing it to hurt in that area. Is it because I have some imbalance I need to fix, if so I would prefer to fix it now while I’m in the offseason.


Is it a grabbing sensation like when you strain a muscle? It has been my experience that when you have pain in that area, you are at a severe risk to strain or pull your hamstring. The pain just runs right up your hamstring. It’s hard to say what is causing it. If you provide more info, someone will probably be able to help you more.

It’s not really a pulling sensation I’d say it just feels pretty tight and its uncomfortable. It’s hard to give anymore information since its kind of different to desribe waht is happening. I"m just tring to figure out what could be a possibly cause of it.

Where is the pain? Does it feel like it is on the bone? How old are you? What specifically aggrevates it? What about rotation (internal/external) of the foot?

It’s pretty much when I lift my leg up past half way I guess, most likely when the leg is turning over to make a stride. It doesn’t occur from any types of foot movements, I can sometimes feel it slightly, when I walk around after I injure that part of my body. IT doesn’t really feel like its in the bone, it feels like it’s close to it though.

It could also be an abductor issue. I had the same problem this season. An imbalance in the way one leg/foot works could cause it to move differently than the other leg, so you shift your hips to counter it. That takes weight that would normally go to the hammy and sends it to the inner thigh/hammy-thingies (Okay, i never learned wtf the muscle is called) check inside the leg.

Yes, it’s an abductor issue and I’ve had this too, but only when I’ve tried to skimp on my warmup and not done enough dynamic warmup to prepare for speed. I’m guessing that the lack of an adequate warmup is the culprit here. If you have a leg imbalance problem, it should show up whether your warmup is good or not.

Ok cool thanks alot :slight_smile: that narrowed everything down from you guys’ responses.