Why take c-vitamine when you are already taking a multi?

I see that some people recommend taking c-vitamines in addition to multi-vitamines.
Why is that?

Most multi-vits just don’t have a lot of each type of vitamin.
They just have a lot of vitamins.
Multi-vits are usually based on “RDA”, where as the athlete often needs higher than recomended daily amounts.

Where as the “PDI” (performance daily intake/ for athletes)
of vitamin C is;
800 to 3000 milligrams per day.

Be careful though as PDI is not recognised as being necessary or even beneficial by all. Also, large doses of vitamin C can cause kidney stones.

The RDA as seen in most multi tabs is enough to prevent deficiency in a substance and prevent related diseases (mainly short term). The RDA does not usually take into account antioxidant effects, eg. 60mg RDA vit C prevents short term disease but does not provide much vit C to help counter oxidative stress and its associated diseases (often longer term). Therefore some people take extra vit C for this purpose. Extra vit C is also taken simply because it has been publicised more than most natural substances/antioxidants but which does not mean it is more important; there are many, many substances which can be classed as being as beneficial.

The problem with taking C in tablet form though, and especially in only 1-2 large doses is that the vit C passes out of the body very quickly via the kidneys. It should be taken gradually throughout the day. I know you’ve heard it before but food is best; vit C is released and absorbed steadily and so not passed out and the food provides other substances to support the vit C in the body. Food can provide several hundred mg vit C daily which is plenty if the diet is full of other antioxidants which support and extend the life of the vit C, but many of which do the same job anyway.

I would wager that an athlete could benefit from above the Recomended Daily Amount becuase their muscles are under more stress than most persons. Just as we need more protein, we tend to need more vitamins and minerals aswell.

All people can benefit from more than the RDA of vit C especially athletes.