Who's training journal is better to emulate???...

Charlie, Who do you think has the best Training Journal to emulate for someone who “isn’t quite in the know” for speed training, in your opinion???..

Don’t “copy” anybody’s, read them all- learn from them, and create your own based on your current strengths, weaknesses, and unique needs. Post your ideas and see what response you get.

I agree with Charlie. I tried emulating and it did not work. Read the CFTS and additional materials on the forum and experiment, that’s the only way to understand periodisation and planning.

No one else keeps track of their milage. It’s a total that won’t help anyone here but myself. However, if you read the journals you will notice little helpful things.

Here are a few I’ve learned through painful research (and about 5 season’s worth of journalling.)

Make sure to put a date and a day for each workout you describe, otherwise there is not point in doing a journal.

Make sure to at the least write down what you did in as much detail as is necessary.

Write down you splits and your lift weights, if those are important numbers to track. Tempo splits/Circuit weights? Not that important to track.

Write down how you felt during the workout, after the workout, any pertinent soreness (ANY pain! Stress fractures start as little tiny sorenesses that never get written down)

Write down anything that could’ve effected your workout, Sick? Tired? Sore? Sleepless(snicker)?

The Journals were created for you to explore the possibilities. Post what matters to you and see where it evolves.