Who's going to win the 100m/mens final?

Who will win the mens 100m in Bejing?

where is tyson guy?

I’d think any of the three have equal chance of winning and that when it comes to hundreths of a second and in a high pressure race when its very easy to make tiny errors that can cost you precious hundreths, the chances are simply 33% for each.

I think it’s a very tough call, though I’d marginally favour Usain and Asafa over Tyson Gay (with or without an injury).
How about 35, 35, 30 for odds?

my answer is clear…lol…if you’ve read other posts…

but i actually am going for a suprise 3rd place finish…

for some reason, and im not sure what…i think on of the big 3 will not medal…

but Power for gold.

I am a big fan of Tyson but for some reason I just have a feeling that Powell will pull it out this year. Even with his injuries I think its his year

Powell - Gold
Bolt - silver
Gay - Bronze

How’s it going to be in the semi finals? Gay vs. Powell or Powell vs. Bolt or Gay vs. Bolt?

I mean is it random or do they choose how they want to arrange it.

First you gotta get there! Then you “select yourself” by place and time. Seeded into semi’s like this 1st and 4th SF1, 2nd and 3rd SF2, etc.
So, ultimately, they will decide.

I wonder who will it be to decide to take it out the hardest the day before, but I dont think they’ll really care, because its a given provided they run at a good pace qualifying will be easy.

Only till the semis- and only for the few. Then you better not screw around!

  1. Bolt
  2. ??Not Asafa or Gay

3. dix

  1. Gay
  2. Powell
  3. Bolt

Bolt will look great through the prelims and semis but have nothing left in the tank for finals. Powell will cruise to easy victories in the prelims but not be able to pour it on for the finals. Gay will look like crap in early rounds but his mental toughness and building confidence in his hamstring will lead to gold. Winning time 9.80

I think Bolt is a bit tougher than many think (rounds). A tough call though. The three musketeers are the usual suspects but do not forget d’Artagnan (Dix). If any member of the trio misfires Dix won’t give him a second chance.

I hope for a perfect race - no false starts, and a bit of tail wind - and of course WR :slight_smile:

pretty good prediction

  1. Powell
  2. Bolt
  3. Gay

9.66 for the winner, whoever it is!

Why do you believe this?

Haha 1 mark at least may be 2!