who would you fight....

ok group this is as off topic as it gets, but its one of a series of questions i ask just about everyone i meet. the answer to this question will give the others from the forum a chance to get to know you better:

question: if you could fight anyone on TV, who would it be and where? rules: you fight the character not the actor and the fight has to happen on the set of the show.

i asked john berardi and his staff the same question and here are their answers:

Ryan Foster: Larry from three’s company. No one should be allowed to grow chest hair longer than 3 inches, and wear cheap gold chains, and have an afro. I would also kick the poop out of him just to take his velour warm up suits, because hey, velour is back!

Eric Noreen: I would fight Ginger and Mary Ann in a pool filled with some sort of gelatin product that the professor made from coconuts. I think the reasons for my choice are very obvious.

Phil Caravaggio: That’s a tough one. I would have to say the jerk who won the original version of Big Brother, Eddie. Without his crutches, he’d be a pushover.

Alex Cimino: Urkel. Or Screetch. Hell, even AC Slater. In fact, I’d fight the entire casts of Family Matters, Saved By The Bell, Will And Grace, 3rd Rock From The Sun, and Friends in a two-day Battle Royale.

John Berardi: Mitch Buchannan from Baywatch. All those gorgeous women, and he chooses Stephanie . . . That warrants a beating on general principle.

Jason Grenci: I’m with JB, it’s gotta be from Baywatch. But for me, it’s that that bald lifeguard with the mustache, who seems to be in every shot yet is never referred to. Does that guy even get paid? I’d put him out of his misery.

so, lets hear them…ill post mine after a few others have been posted.

the surfer dude from the DELL computer commercials…
Who Wouldn’t I fight?: Halle Berry–I’d let her have her way with me:D…Jennifer Garner…ditto

Gotta agree with Clemson on Tony Little…what a turd! But I’d gladly punch Bill Clinton, John Madden, Hillary, and Schumer (D-New York) in the schnoz in a nano second!!!

i would fight jared from the subway commercials.

Ross from ‘Friends’! :mad:

Hugh Hefner so i can have all of his ho’s.:clap:

ok heres mine and a few others:

ross from friends. the dude is soooo winey and complains more than he breaths. and anyone that would blow it with racheal deserves a whipping. id want to get him in the coffee shop, that counter looks the perfect height for grabbing him by his gelled head and slamming on the edge, then tossing him through the window to the street.

my mom " i want to fight the mother from “everybody loves raymond” and smack her in the head with that shinny silver toaster in her kitchen."

tom, a bartender from a bar i hang out at “i want to fight that guy from the sudway ads, not jared, the other guy, you know the guy who says ‘not only isnt on the menu, its not even on your radar screen’”

my dad “i want to sucker punch bill cosby, that guys 15 minutes were up along time ago, and it time someone showed him the door. and whats the deal with those sweaters?” footnote, even though hes 65, i still would not tangel with my dad. cross red foreman from that 70s show and vince lombardi with a touch of bill romonoski…


Come on guys, lighten up! BTW- John Madden?? I guess the rule is that they can’t punch back!

Right now I can’t think of anyone I’d want to fight but I’d like to see Bob Barker and Adam Sandler fight!:smiley:

Anyone. :smiley:

JOHN MADDEN…BOOM!!! That’s the ONLY thing he’s given to football as an announcer/commentator. As a coach he was successful. He adds nothing to a broadcast.

This is a tough decision. But John Stamos from Full House gets my vote. First of all have you ever seen this guy experiencing a bad hair day. The show was crap and his wife Rebecca Romnjin or whatever is seriously HOT!!! But all this is pale in comparison to one final thing. The best acting of his career was pretending to play the bongo’s in the Kokomo video with the Beach Boys. Did anyone see that? And I also find out later that he went on tour with them! Now their mostly all dead he’ll probably take over lead vocals!
I also agree that David Hasselhoff had babes such as Carmen Electra, Donna D’Erico and Pam Anderson but chose Stephanie. Yeah throw a few punches in for me also.

I’d fight the Juice Guy with the huge eyebrows. Noone gets that much energy from juice. Well, not that kind of juice.

David Hasslehoff




After thinking about it, I thought also about who I wouldn’t fight.

Who I would fight:

Jerry Seinfeld: Simply annoying.
Larry King: Simply annoying.
Eminem: Because he is who I say he is!
Don Johnson: Simply annoying.
Walt Disney: For inventing the icon of Capitalism…Mickey.
Barry Ellison (Oracle ceo): just for being a punk and releasing too many updates for his database platform…and for sending me his stupid magazine thats all about him once per month.

I love Oracle…but I don’t love Barry!

Who I wouldn’t fight:

Jet Li (this guy could take an entire movie theater at once).

Mike Tyson: ummm…maybe…but with a cheap shot from 200 yards only…

my second answer:

robert (ray’s brother) from everybody loves raymond. im only 5’9, he looks to be around 6’6 and hes a cop, and most cops i know are pretty tough and very use to getting into fights. my thoughts on why, i figure i would have the speed advantage and i would try to look for the lucky uppercut. im 99% sure that he would beat the crap out of me in the end, but i think i could hang in there.

i actually like his character on the show and he doesnt get on my nerves like ross from friends but its been my experience that really big guys can be alot of fun to fight.:karate:

The big guys usually turn into little chickens when you hit them hard, and when they hit you and you smile back at them. :smiley:

This might be stepping over the line but personally i would fight Svein Arne Hansen.

He might not be known to you(do some research) and he certainly aint no tv-character,but he is starting to act like one and needs a good punching to regain a bit of human decency.