Who will win the Euro Cup 2004?

Who do you have your $ on? My coin is on Italy, not a surprise I know…

vito i have to place a few euro’s on france.they really took the piss out of england on sunday and wow what a great result.zidane for highest goal scorer.it was just great watching the english commentators trying to explain what happened baffled or what!!!

Yeh - France are the the team to beat, even though they were very poor last night.
Italy will be ok.
Germany as very dark horses? - I’d never bet against them.
As for Holland - such a poor loss to Ireland pre the competition they can’t realistically be in with a shout.
Portugal - sadly not goign anywhere after the first match.
Will be interesting to see what Spain are like also though

True - Xman - the English bandwagon is starting to huff, puff and stutter already …

On a brighter note for England …
Wayne Rooney played well last night as did Golden Balls, Sol, Cole and Ledley King, but to be honest too many others played well below par - Gerard. Lampard, Owen, Heskey and James (even though I don’t blame him for the last one at all).

Can’t decide between the favourite France (if you win a game like the one against England, you’ll hardly ever lose) and the “dark horse” Czech Rep.

I came across this, thought it might humor some http://www.boysstuff.co.uk/product.asp?id=11211#

Can someone explain to me why Pires plays on the right and Zidane on the left? Especially when Pires plays left for Arsenal…? I don’t think ZZ will be top scorer. He may be ‘fantasy’ player of the competition (assists etc) though. Barros at 66-1 for top scorer sounded good, until I read he’s being rotated with Smicer(!).

Italy were a little nervous last night. I suppose no-one wants to start with a loss. Reckon they’ll still do well.

If Germany make it out of the group, it’ll be interesting. I read this morning Kluivert is starting fights amongst the Holland camp, so that’s their competition over :rolleyes: Don’t understand them at all - such a good team on paper, yet never as good on the grass.

Portugal can’t play with a single striker. Pauletta isn’t good enough. You could play Henry lone, you could play Vieri lone, but not Pauletta.

Honestly, I was sorta impressed with Spain. They didn’t panic after the first half and worked for the result. Perhaps they’ve finally found a bit of grit and determination.

Again, England were quite good I thought. Apart from the last 2 minutes they contained France well. Has Henry ever had such a quiet game? And remember this was with the 6th choice centre back against him!

I would worry about Rooney’s temper though, and I wasn’t impressed with DJames pathetic attempt to prevent Henry one-on-one. It was a bad backpass no doubt, but Kahn or Buffon would have done better than a stupid, late two-footed tackle.

Tonight - Germany vs Holland and Czech Rep vs Latvia should be good. 1st game could be explosive. Second game - I want to see how CRep are playing. And I also have Rosicky on my dream team, so I’m expecting big things from him :smiley:

Important Notice!!!

Flood Warning Due In Scotland And Ireland Due To The Final Result Of The England Vs France Match

Flood Warning Due To Extreme Case Of Ireland And Scotland Pissing Their Sides Laughing!!!

LOL! :smiley: :smiley:


whatever happened in first round,my euro still goes to England,50 cents to France and 30 cents to Italy.The dark horse of the euro championship in my opinion will be Sweden.

[: Don’t understand them at all - such a good team on paper, yet never as good on the grass.

I’ve heard that they have serious problems with rasism in the team.

Who England?
Doubt it.

the obvious choice is Greece, come on guys.

no England I was talking about Netherland.

Funny nobody mentioned Denmark who had about 50 scoring chances against Italy. If they start finishing better they might supprise a few people.

maybe this is because of their fiasco on Euro 2000.They didn’t made a single point but played well.

It’s all to obvious that Germany will win.

In my country people love to say that soccer is a game where Germans always win.

on paper england have the best team but they can’t work together as a team for some reason.france showed that they will fight to the end and it worked well.germany are in my opinion the most boring team to watch,once they score the game is over.such a boring game they play.for some reason i fancy holland

Seemingly Van Nistelrooy and Kluivert can’t play together at all