Who trains

for size or strength or both? Who is too small and cant gain strength, or who is too big and gets bigger just for training for strength?

Sorry, but could you be a litle specific on your question ?

Are you asking us if we do or are you asking what kind of person trains this way?

I can answer your last question with “genetically gifted.”


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asking if you do!

Who is skinny and is training for strength, who is skinny and is trianing for size, who is big and is training for size, who is big and is training for strength? and everything else inbetween. And what results do you get? ie, are your results taking you in the direction you want? ie, getting bigger though training for strength!

well i don’t know if you want athletes from tis webiset to reply, but i will anyway.

Am very slight, athlete. 5"11 AND 10.10pounds. 150pounds. So you can say am skinny and am training for strength. to help me in 100m, 200m, 400m.

I have recently just started weight training. Am not training for size, at all. Am very toned, and slight and tight. Am training for strength mainly.

I know i have the abilty to run fast, for a very long time. My first 40meters is the best part of my 100m race. Am natural very exsplosive, and powerful. I know this form when i play basketball.

I just need to get stronger, and very strong. By teh begining of next year, in januray. I wnat to be able to leg press 200kg, and bench press over 90kg. But i only want to weigh about 11.6 to 8 pounds. so 160pounds.

Am only going to train twice aweek in the gym, and sprint three times aweek. Plus do body weight circuits.

So really am training for strength, so i can develop more power.

I feel a differents now, after 5weeks of weight training. Now am just turning it into power, 11seconds is in serious trouble.

So you could say am skinny and am training for strength.

Thank you

shumoncool, thats good stuff. Keep at it. So long as you keep gettin stronger and stay the same weight. The sheer training you need for 400m work should be enough to keep you lean. It will still take ya a lot of time and effort, but its all worth the fight. keep it up man.

I’m fat and training for speed/power foremost while cutting. I am able to increase strength at the same time.

you heard that is not possable yet you are doing it!! kudoes to you man, keep stripping that extra fat, gain that strength and get the power. Sounds like your doing something right!

Ha I just edited out the last sentence, because I thought for a minute and I’m not so sure about the gaining muscle part, that’s much less likely. Eating a half decent diet makes things a lot easier.

I started weights about 3 months ago and have been going to the gym reguarly about 3 times a week. I am about 6’2, skinny and extremely lean so i was training too become a bit bigger as well as some extra strength. I have stuck to a very basic program for the majority of the time and have found that i have definitely put on a slight amount of muscle. My strength has also increased a fair amount since i started.

Because i have such a small lanky frame i will never be huge but at least i dont consider myself extremely skinny any more.

I think if youre in the sort of condition i was in when i started gym you are going to put on muscle and gain strength no matter what you do. there may be different rates at which you gain your results according to what program you are following but i think that if you are starting gym there is a basic few fundamental exercises that you should hone before going into specifics. eg bench, squats, deads, seated/row/chinups/latpulldowns.

Medium sized (5’10, 180-185) and training for power/functionality. I care little for “training for form” (ie bodybuilding) because form follows function much more effectively than the inverse…I’m sure most people on this site are aware of that though. I also care little about having a big bench, squat, or anything else as an end in and of itself. If I can accomplish my training goals without benching over 200lbs, that’s just as fine with me as benching 500.

Note: I’m not training for anything in particular other than my own edification.

For those of us who are primarily sprinters–weightlifting is the secondary activity–there’s more to it than just size or strength. You also have to consider the CNS effect. Both sprinting @95-100% and heavy weightlifting (3-5 reps @ 90+%) are very taxing on the CNS, and if you leave it in the weight room, you don’t have it for the track.

At 6’4"/210, I don’t have any trouble getting bigger. I stay mostly in the 10-12 (hypertrophy) rep range not to get bigger, but because I have less CNS fatigue from weight sessions and I can run faster times on the track. I only go to 5-8 reps for short periods of time, and never anytime near competition periods.

I have’nt lifted a weight for 3weeks. I will start weight training in two months.

I have’nt even trainned for 3weeks.

I will be back
And with Funk

am gonna start body weight exercisors in 1week.

Last year when i use to do them, i could do 100 push ups off straight, three sets of these.

Exsplosive, power, jiggyness.

Thats me.

after looking like a distance runner for so long, its was time for me to bulk up. Nearly at the weight that looks right for a sprinter, but now working on strength for a few wks or so.