Who the heck did 3,7 40 yards

I was reading the first page at www.charliefrancis.com and well I didn’t know who ran the 3,7 seconds 40 yards (36,77m).

And that time seemed to be impossible : In a 50 m, the athlete speed is higher during the 36m-50m phase than during the 0-36m phase. So how can they have a better ratio Distance/Time on a 40 yards than on a 50m. (I know I ain’t clear but well english isnt my first language)

Could someone explain me that.

Who else?! Ben did a football style, hand timed, from first motion 40y in 3.7, timed the way football players are timed, by a Miami Scout in 1987. This is NOT electronic or from the gun and this was discussed in the archives quite a bit. You’ll see a lot of football times around the 4.2 range by people who are many yards slower than Ben.