Who is going to be Ben's trainer ?

So who (if not you Charlie) will be Ben’s trainer for the next 8 months until the rerace of '88 will be hold?

Any information or gossip on this ?

Is this really gonna take place?

All the athletes will not be competing if it does occur. I know that Linford has already turned it down and from what ive read it is very doubtful Lewis will accept. If it were to go on i think it would be preety interesting and entertaining however it may be a little corny kinda like the Bailey vs. MJ race.

What waist that money for guys no longer in need of support. Put the money into the young athletes that need the money to get to the world level that these athletes were at one day.
Absolutely a waist of money
It disgusts me!

yep, waste of money. I have heard that Ben is training himself but its probably a myth.