who here on CF live in "italy,germany,france,england,greece"

me and my team mates at alexandria sporting club in alexandria, egypt want to compete in championships in one of those countries mentiond above for next summer .please if u know any championchips in those countries tell me i am talking about local championships not nationals as they need the egyptian athletics federation agree

hey everybody

Hello, I’m Greek, and although I study in the U.S for most of the year, I’m a frequent visitor to my homeland and sometimes compete there myself in the winter and/or summer :slight_smile:

For schedule of track meets and stuff you should check the webside
When I check the Greek version of the site it lists all the meets by month under the “athletic calendar” section, but for some reason in English it doesn’t work and only shows a plain calendar…? :confused: I’m not sure why…

i live in england


click on events then fixtures for…fixtures

thanks alot guys if any other guys live in other countries olease tell me