Who can clarify this example of short to long?

tripple periodization, in a short to long 100m program.
1st spp, 60m runs as per vancouver dvd
2nd spp, 60-80m runs??
3rd spp, 60-100m runs??
As the graphs show a 100m runner only needs Lactic Anaerobic work, or Special Endurance work up to 100m, i am guessing that the Spp 2 and 3 would work up distance in this manner. Am also guessing that the daily and weekly volume of speed work would be pretty much the same as the 1st Spp? so hence longer distance would = slightly less efforts to maintain overall volume??

having a look over CFTS book again, i can elaborate more on the Vancouver DVD by adding,
Period 1 or Spp1, speed emphasis is on 0-60m
Period 2 or Spp2, speed emphasis is on 30-120m
Period 3 or Spp3, speed emphasis is on 60-200m

just curious r u planning on doing cf spp program as outline in the graphs are do u planning on making changes.

cf programs in the graphs outlined in the dvd’s take you through GPP & SPP1 from what i can see.
i plan on not making any changes, if i can help it, other than minor details like day to day volume pending on energy levels, tighness ect.
but i am unsure how a program after SPP1 looks. So making changes after SPP1 become a larger reality as it then becomes my interpretation of CF’s graphs.
IF i combine the DVD vancouver and CFTS book, then i get a better picture.
then i can try to map out a say 2 month SPP2 following the principles from SPP1 and same with SPP3.
if its the distances above as per CFTS book for a 100m guy, then that helps planning.
or perhaps there is a graphs for SPP 1 & SPP2 that i have not seen? Same for competition plan graphs?

lets keep it real the gpp i think u be ok but the spp those vol r super huge. be careful

super huge? you recon?

remember, the efforts are not accelerating the entire say 60m effort, you accelerate up to say 20 or 30m then maintain.
when you are accelerating the entire way, the volume lowers
also, from my understanding, working above 95% of max speed is what you want. you can work that volume in by doing 95% v’s 100% and compensate by really focusing hard on relaxation and proper technique
as the spp progressess and the volume lowers and you get closer to competition phase, running at 100% will become easier and maintaing relaxing and proper technique will be very do-able.

so let me make sure im understanding u:

yes u r correct about the acc runs and the limit int.

so u r saying what i have said early these runs should be very smooth and relaxed? so call 95%.

i think so.
learn early on, while the volume is high, to learn to run relaxed at speed with great technique, so that later, when intensity and distances incease, it should come natural.
and you will or should find, that the more relaxed you become with a great technique, the faster you will be anyway.

This isn’t the same as what Charlie writes on the blackboard at the end of the DVD. Problem with what you have written is if you have to qualify for the Worlds/Olympics at the end of SPP2 then unless you are streets ahead of the pack you are going to need to be conditioned to run the full 100m!

Also notice that the distances run are where you emphasise the training. You might go a little longer or a little shorter on some days depending on what’s going on in terms of the athletes ability.