White Men CAN Jump

Hah, great video of some guy doing mostly basketball stuff, quite athletic for a guy his size.


Nice lifts. Not super athletic, but you can tell he’s practiced (dunking/filming himself) a lot. Not especially good off the dribble, but pretty explosive (especially considering he looks around 220?).

white men can jump - lol show me more then a couple of guys. he look like crap running and im surprise he can jump with those thick ankles. very nice lifts!

Besides the fact that this guy seems to have nothing better to do than video taping himself all day and capturing some average dunks and average shots and 1 or 2 other shots he probably had to do 20 times before he made, the only thing that was above average maybe were the lifts.

But hey at least he gave video evidence of what he can do i respect that

not much of a basketball player…

More than a couple of whites guys who can jump!!


2.42 Patrik Sjöberg SWE 05 01 1965 1 Stockholm 30 06 1987

2.41 Igor Paklin URS 15 06 1963 1 Kobe 04 09 1985

2.40 Rudolf Povarnitsyn URS 13 06 1962 1 Donetsk 11 08 1985

2.40 Sorin Matei ROM 06 07 1963 Bratislava 20 06 1990

i think they just painted themselves b4 jumping. :rolleyes:

black athletes are better jumpers, go to any gym class and take non-athletes and I bet the black kids out jump the white kids. just had a debate lastnite with friends about black athletes being superior to white athletes, the 3 white guys were UPSET, pretty funny debate.

dude dont give me a couple world class guys, go to any gym class and take 20 white athletes vs 20 blk athletes and i bet the blk athletes out jump the white athletes. the white athletes who can jump probably had to work there butts off to get that ability.

Yea I followed this great vertical jump program.

Monday -

Tan 5x5m 10m rest between sets

Tuesday -

Coal Mine workout

Wednesday -

Black dye bath

Thursday -

Tempo Tan 3x20m light at 60% intensity

Increased my vertical jump by a foot, I plateaud before that even though I worked out everyday because I was white.

hey fellas thats the key to a 40in vertical jump. lots of tanning to get the skin darker.

Only because most of the black guys have developed some more jumping ability, I don’t know many black guys my age that didn’t play ball growing up, but I know many whites guys who didn’t. Come up here to Canada, tell 20 white guys to throw on some skates, and tell 20 black guys to throw on some skates and tell me which ones skate better, exactly, the whites most likely have played more hockey then the black guys. Give up on this black vs white, this blacks can jump higher run faster, its a falsity.

MORE videos on white guys jumping.

White boy winning college dunk contest.

NBA white guys dunking, most are quite tall, regardless…

Not sure who this is some, only 6 foot, good dunks…

lol, thats the point even if blk athletes were not exposed to that sport going up they can learn and adapt faster bc they are better athletes. they also said that blk people wouldnt play tennis and golf and boy the best athletes of all time may be blk - tiger and ash.

Your not understanding, I’m saying the reason a lot of sports are filled up with certain races, say blacks in the NBA and NFL, is becuase those races are the ones that are playing the sport the most, that are most involved in the sport. Blacks do not dominate every sport, welcome to reality. Do you honestly beleive everything your saying? Blacks are better athletes, period. Hah. I don’t beleive it, that thought process I beleive is the reason many non-black races don’t do as well as they could or should in some sports. Open your mind.

your not understanding, im in america there are many many many more white people then blk people. there are just as many white people playing sports such as fb and bb but the blk athletes are the ones making to the highest level. do blk dominate every sport? NO. i do believe everything im saying and feel that overall blks are better athletes then whites, everyone has there craft.

is the author of that mag white or blk?

It’s a book and I’m not sure about the author. Amazon.com link

Edit: He is white

the reason why i ask, is that many african americans dont like that title of blk and sports etc.

Alright so basketball and football are lobsided towards black athletes in america

And soccer, volleyball, hockey, tennis, golf, rugby etc are still very heavily fielded by the white population.

Color is not what causes someone to be an athlete.