Which Training Program to use??

I am currently in college and was looking into doing a fitness program/speed enhancement program. The most common one in my area is Frappier Sports Acceleration Training. Can anyone give me any good/bad critcism? I don’t know anything about it so any information would be helpful. Thanks so much!!! :smiley:

Do a search on this site regarding high-speed treadmills, and you’ll know why you’ll want to avoid Frappier. Unfortunately, I underwent this training for a year or two, and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Thanks for the input svass. I was doing a search on Frappier and I saw that someone else had asked about it and he was told that they went over this on the old site. How would I go about reading the information from the old site on this program?? Any idea?

The link I have saved on my laptop doesn’t seem to work now. They must have chnged it recently or taken it down.