Which stretches?

I’m trying to sort out how I should go about including stretching as a daily activity. The first problem I have is deciding which stretches to do. I am guessing to stretch every muscle involved in the whole training program in one go would take about 2 hours or something? So do you have to make compromises and prioritise the muscle groups? How would you go about this? These are the muscle groups I am thinking need to be stretched regularly

Hip flexors/extensors/adductors/abductors
Foot planarflexors
Abdominal wall muscles
Lower back
Chest and arm flexors
Shoulder (front and rear deltoid)
‘pulling’ back muscles (rhomboid, trapezius and tereses) and triceps.
Forearms (I get tightness in the wrist/finger flexors and the wrist extensors/supinators)

I do a lot of dynmaic stretches instead now.

Still, this athlete is not 100% correct on this stretch…he needs to rotate back and get his elbow up higher…but this Lat stretch is one of many. I like to do them myself after years of swimming.


I would rather have frequency then one giant stretch session. I have been advised by my athlete not to give out too much info and so I will post only one stretch and one muscle group with one technique…the other 99% will be available soon.

Excellent point Clemson, the frequency of stretching is probably one of the most important elements in developing good flexibility - after using proper techniques and stretches of course.
Not always easy for non-pros, but frequent stretching is vital to develop flexibility

I’ll try to get hold of your manual when it is out, and save questions until I have read it.

cafepress ships world wide, soon everyone will use it…I hope to use and not to keep their coffee from staining their table.