which runningback has the best style

id go with walter, cause he has a heart. not the bigggest, not the strongest or fastest but could get the job done well, and loved the game

and as much as i love Barry, THere will never be a nother style like barry’s.

Well, I can’t argue with you saying Walter had heart, but Barry was in the same boat (too small, not fast enough, etc. etc.). Your poll, however, asked who had the best style, so for that I have to vote for Barry. Barry is the only football player I would pay to watch play.

barry had a god-given gift. and walter wouldnt have been anyone if it werent for his heart. i wonder what his 40 was. he looked kind of fast in some of his film

curtis martin is like payton too. emmitt i would say half the yards that he gained was from his line and a quarter of it came from MOOSE JOHNSTON. and the rest from him.

I could care less what style my running backs had as long as they produce. My 2 favorite modern running backs are Ladainian Tomlinson and Jamal Lewis and they both have 2 different styles so I can’t really say I have a favorite although LT is probably the more exciting to watch of the two.

ya, i cant wait to go to LT’s camp. he is from my hometown. i cant believe for his size he benched 530, squatted 610, and ran a 4.5

Wow, I never knew he could bench that much. He’s definately an incredible running back. He can be a power back or a finesse back when called upon, nobody in the league has the versatility he does plus he’s the best receiver of any runner in the league and probably even all-time. He could easily be one of the All-Time greats when it’s all said and done. Running with obver 5 YPC behind a line that started 3 rookie free agents in 2003 and his 100 catches that year has to be top 5 best seasons ever by a running back.

I think he’ll be real good when his team gets their act together. his lifts are damn good for his 5-10, 220 size. he doesnt look 220 to me.

im hoping i can get his autograph at his camp.

I’m pretty sure every great athlete had a god-given gift (if you believe in that sort of thing). I’m not trying to discount anything Payton did, but your question was “which running back has the best style” In your post you said you went with Walter because of his heart, which is fine, I just voted based solely on who had the best style.

And for what it’s worth, I think it would be hard to question any of those guys hearts. None of them were expected to have the careers they did.

i’m gonna have to say Jim Brown

Jim Brown was absoulutely strong. his highlights are amazing.

Ive seen Emmit Smith carry 300lb DLinemen when he played with the cowboys