Which is a better 800m book??

Whats a better book for a beginning 800m runner?

Winning Running: Successful 800m and 1500m Racing and Training
by peter coe


Better Training for Distance Runners

also by peter coe


they’re both very good… Better Trainining… is more scientific and outlines the overall philosophy of their approach to distance running.

Winning Running basically just talks about the 8 and 15.

Don’t sit on the fence :smiley:

I would have to agree though. I would say get Better Training first

Is Better Training for Distance Runners by Coe a practical book because it doesnt get very good reviews on amazon; i know reviews dont really mean anything, but i was just curious because I run the 800 and am looking for a good book to read on training for that event.

I would say both, they are complementary.

There’s another great book on 800m analysis and training, it’s in French language though, but you can easely understand tables and curves describing speed curves for various levels of performances and training programs explain by six different French coaches who trained 1:43-1:50 men and 1:59-2:04 women.

“Le 800 mètres, Analyse descriptive et entraînement”
Collection entraînement
B.Gajer, C. Hanon, J. Marajo, J-C. Vollmer
Edition INSEP