Which ice pack for knee?

If one wanted to ice entire knee which “ice pack” would be best? I am assuming this/these could also be used in the future for hamstrings etc. Thoughts and comments are appreciated.




I’m thinking #3 but am I going to have to fill it with my own ice or is it already filled with something and I just have to put it in the freezer. Reason I ask is because at my house I do not have an ice machine and itll be a pain in the pass to keep “making” ice.
What is confusing is what this one said…
"Used for soothing heat or ice therapy - simply add warm or icy water. " What the hell is icy water? Like a slush machine??? lol

lol guys I just found the first one on the modells site for 30$. I think my decision has been made. I would still like to hear thoughts though. Thanks!

I have only ever used the non-reusable ones, so I can’t help in choosing, but just wanted to say that I prefer ice cube bags over ice packs - they get much colder. I use something like the one on this site:


i just have a long rectangle flat universal one. It could easily wrap around the knee. And be used for “whatever”

So I must be boring. I use crushed iced or any frozen vegetable bag.

Don’t over complicate things. Just use a bag of ice.

As I said before incase you did not read the original post. I do not have an ice machine and it is a pain in the ass to keep making ice with the trays and even if I did cubed ice does not mold well to bodyparts.
HOWEVER, I got the nice seteup going on now.
Buy 2 of those Gel Packs and 2 ace bandages and put the Gel Ice Pack around the knee with the ace bandage over it. Pure genius!

How is the knee going Quick? Able to run now? Fast?

One of them is ok. The other is ehh. I am dealing with it. Most of my training now is submax speed endurance/int. tempo work anyway and its not bad at all during that type of work. Just hurts a little when I accelerate 100%. I havent competed in 3 weeks so we will see what happens this weekend. Thanks for asking.

I have been using ice packs made by Rubbermaid (lunch pack size) and they have served me well. I use them all over my body especially my knees and back. Best place to pick some up at is at your local major walmart, target, etc.; inexpensive and come in different sizes and shapes.


The fastest way to get an area cold is when the surface is wet- ie a wet towel or cloth filled with ice. The faster the cooling effect sets in the better, especially with regular, short term icing. That way, you can do it more often each day.

Thanks. I will try that. I actually put a layer of the ace bandage under the ice pack and it took a bit of time to go through. I did that because I have actually slightly burned my skin with the ice pack alone. I am assuming that with what you mentioned to do that would not happen.

Yeay, as CF says, get a thin say tea towel, wet it, wrap your ice pack in the wet towel, only needs to be one layer thick, apply to area, then use your bandage to wrap tight into place.
It will be rather cold, but as you said, you wont be getting no ice burn.