Which event is the most difficult?

Which event is the hardest to prepare for and/or compete in?

Id say the 800 although i have never done it. Its a toss up between that and the 400 hurdles.


For the 800m, you need both great speed and great endurance!

I say the 400h because you need great speed, even greater endurance, and a buttload of strength to be able to not only run a fast 400m, but to do that while jumping every 13 or so steps.

The most physically and mentally enduring event in my opinion.

The 100. The only event that doesn’t fully reward plain hard work.

A marathon is the event I would least like to do.


I know it’s not on the list but The Tour De France to me is one of the, if not THE most gruesome event in the world.

I remember a former Irish TdF cyclist say he believed it took 2 years off your life every time you finished a Tour …

Roll on Lance …

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I agree with Dcw. In terms of execution and performance - 100m.


I’d have to agree with you. Some of the most gruesome events to compete in are Tour De France, Ironman, and marathon.

These require HIGH levels of endurance, and pain tolerance.

Lance Armstrong is quoted as saying, “I train for pain.”

With respect to both the Ironman and Marathon and I know people who have competed and placed in both - the Tour is not of this world.

Do you know of anyone who has placed in the 100-mile marathon? Trust me chief, that is no joke!

Ultra-marathon ???
Ok where do we stop …?



400mH is the craziest event ever. Sure 800m takes alot of guts, but you have to be crazy to run the 400mH. Last time I checked the 800m start was without blocks, which shows that from the get go, it is not at as high an intensity as the 400mH. 2nd hardest…400m.

The 100M is the hardest to prepare for. The 400 is the most painfull.

Good point Herb!

Personally, I would rather do 1 45sec lap than 2 52sec (1:44 800m) laps. But, that’s just me :cool:

you have to be tougher in the 400mHH than any other event. you can lose your whole race on how fast you clear the last hurdle…definitely the 400HH

I’ve never run hurdles, but I’ve tried every open event from 100 to 3200, and the 800 was by far the hardest. You have to run a lap fatigued and then try to sprint at the end when your body is begging you to fall down. The 400 hurdles sound pretty intense too.

I will vote for the decathlon as being the hardest to prepare for, and 400 hurdles as hardest competition.