Whey & Casein Suggestions

Thanks for the post zepplin.

Here is what i am planning for second semester:

1 x Syntrax Nectar to mix with malto and dextrose PWO 1-2x/week
1 x EAS Myopro whey for post tempo/weights/general protein intake supplement
1 x Muscle milk as an MRP for when no time to get food between classes

I am using go pwo at the moment and i will miss it but i can’t afford it.


I’m running out of PWO products and am considering holding out to test run the new product range - XCell.

If you can wait I’d suggest you wait for a few weeks…

I might not be able to last though - might have to order some Xtreme Relentless or Biotest Surge again next week.


We have sent out tubs to various online stores and we are just finalizing the details…

Great stuff - I’ll hold off for as long as I can then

BTW - best wishes with the whole venture Clemson.