Where's xlr8?

Where’s you’re commitment man!


i think he is moving this week. im sure he will be back in all his glorious freakness before to long.

I thought he had gotten famous and forgotten about us …

Is that a qoute from a film Nightmare?

He’s actually training! He is proof of both infomation and effort…as for NFD, his sig is from a song.

Thanx Clemson

I have it now !!!
Knew I heard it before …


remember the guy from the house of pain? The irish rappers?

Yeh - I’m jumping around here


i heard that tune on the way to the gym this morning and i thought it summed up my process pretty well. if i could go back in time and undo it i would, but since i cant, i can only grow from the perspective it has given me.


xlr8 is on a well deserved vacation.