Where to get Epsom Salt ?

That’s the best there is!

Epson Salts is needed for Gardinia flowers. Maybe the local plant nursery has this stuff cheap

well well, i live 40 minutes north of the dead sea :)…

Are we talking about plane white salt from the dead see, the one that I use with my food and get at the supermarket or those special pink branded bath salts you see in spas?

I don’t know which brand- only that the mineral concentration is extremely high in dead Sea salts.


Dead see salt are excellent and cheap for recovery from fatigue (in Italy Epsom are hard to find)
I use it a lot on my soccer player after the training.

so a good protocol would be contrast showers post high intensity for CNS and an epsom salt bath post tempo sessions for muscles? :confused:

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Eckards. Walgreens, any local drug store

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I guess I’m resurrecting an old topic here, but is there a typical protocol available that has been found to be most effective? Anything somebody without experience should know about (i.e. getting the water too hot or using the treatment too frequently, etc.?)

Is the effectiveness (or usefulness) increased during a certain time period following a workout? Decreased?

I just got done reading Dr. Yessis’ book on Soviet recovery and regeneration techniques, and it’s got me thinking about specific protocol I might want to follow as opposed to the “what the hell” do whatever comes to mind method :o

Best to buy it in bulk online or at a warehouse massage therapy store otherwise it will be expensive.
If you plan you to use it often you need to buy large amounts as you need to be generous with how much you use as you are trying to create a super saturated solution. ( you have saturated the water when it no longer dissolves the salt)
I just spoke to Ben who was frequently told to take epson salt baths by Charlie and by Waldamar.
" not too hot, stay in for about 20 minutes " was his comment
There is no question that espon salts neutralize acid in the muscles and allow you to train harder and recover faster.
After training is ideal as you begin the recovery cycle faster . The longer you wait the longer you delay your ability to work.
" what the hell" method rarely works with much especially sport if you plan to improve anyway.

Guess I am not using enough, I usually buy a couple lbs at walgreens and it usually last me for awhile.

It is also sold in most supermarkets in Aust as bath salts. I use 2 handfuls to a bath 1/2 full (I am told I have big hands). I use it after realignment manipulation, can otherwise take days to get over the pain.

Also available at gardening supplies, good for lawns.

Thanks for the help. Should this affect magnesium supplementation? That is, I’ve begun taking 400mg magnesium glycinate around workouts and before bed, should I drop dosage on “bath” days?

I don’t know about taking epson salt baths and it effecting your magnesium supplementation. I would ask around but proper supplementation could be addressed by blood work it you wanted to get technical. I do not think i would stop taking ZMA ( a product that has helped me for over 15 years) because I was using it in the bath. I would research this if i were you.
Common error with epson salt is bath is too hot or not enough salt but a bath is still relaxing and great for muscles. There is no pass or fail you gotta try and learn what works best for you:)

Would anyone happen to know how much epsom salt to put in the tub? I usually fill the tub about half way a few inches over my legs.

I just put in my new bath tub with jets!!! Dying to try this out.