Where the hell is MO

Where is MO could anyone tell me why cant we see him competing in europe this summer

Greene Greene Greene

greatest of alltime.

Here are quotes from Ato Boldon, he thinks Mo should retire ( I share the same view, I think he should have retired after Athens or at least after the disastrous 05’ season)


“Mo just got hurt again…insert your own “didn’t know when to quit” analogy here.”

"He is staying around too long and I have told him so myself. Unlike you, I don’t let my respect for his accomplishments blur the reality that nothing he is going to do now is going to be anything other than redundant. I respect whatever he chooses, but I don’t have to agree - and I don’t. "

End of Quote

Mo has made left his legacy and like Jerry Rice, Brett Favre, Gail Devers, and many others, he should call it quits.
Especially Brett!!! :frowning:
SOrry for the excursion.

why should he quite, if he is still making over say 50k yr from running track races v’s working in a job he dont like n getting 40k yr, i know what i would rather do,

He should run masters track!

There are implications to any decision, not least of which is financial. Don’t know US Tax law but in most countries trust fund money is taxed only as money is withdrawn and you have 7 years to move the money out after retirement. You’d wonder why anyone would be in a rush to retire if they have substantial funds still in the trust.

Well mister GOAT currently gives the impression of Ali during his last less glorious 5 years.

But if he needs the money - well make it as long as people (and he still got his fans as we can see) want to see Mo run 10.25 or getting injured on track (like at the US champs last year) he should run on and make some money.

taking about masters who play masters here on CF
at international level

WTF I dont understand your lingo.

Demo to world translation:

Demolisher: “Are there any top level masters athletes on this board?”

oh, is that what he was saying??? i just thought he was drunk!

sorry i wrote taking not talking i missed the l
anyways i was say who plays masters internationaly
the compettion for those above 40 till 70 yrs old