Where is everybody from.......?

Just thought I’d ask the question where is everybody from and what do they do for a job, and more importantly, how do they think it affects their training (positive or negative)?

I’m from everywhere (military family) and I live in San Antonio. Undergraduate student/performance coach by day, superhero by night. Any of you who have heard of chupacabras realize there has been a serious reduction in their numbers since I’ve come into service!! :smiley: :smiley:

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and currently live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My family has a small glass liners factory, I’m now in the family business (was studying engineering till recently). What I notice is that instead of work affecting my training, my training affects work. My head would explode if I didn’t take my couple of hours a few times a week to train, track keeps me relaxed.

From westchester co. NY, Personal trainer and finishing up prerequisites for medical school. I have a B.S. in Exercise Physiology, but Chemistry coarses are what I currently take. Even though I’m not a full-time student, the coarse load is more stressful to me than Training people. But it motivates me to get faster so I don’t have to settle for working a “normal job”

Great to hear some responses. I’m sure that some people would rather stay anon, and that’s cool, but it’s great to see the Track community (global) getting into the spririt of allowing others a little bit into their lives.
I’d better reveal bit about myself…
30 years old, living in Australia, working in the airline industry (crazy hours!). Basically training in whatever city I’m in at the time!
100m pb 10.60HH
200m pb 21.70HH

LOL! Damn, so I bet you know a track in every city…lol. Maybe you can compile a list and sell it to sprinters on the go bro! Hey, I’m just trying to be an entreprenuer (spelling?).

Im from Rockland County Ny and go to school at SUNY Cortland where i am finishing up my degree in Exersise Science.

From Louisville, KY, currently living in South Bend, IN going to Notre Dame for my MBA…graduate in May. It helps my training (my training basically is just me staying in shape, trying to be better in my weekend warrior sports) because I usually manage to fit in a good 4 workouts after class that wasn’t possible with work.

I’m from Toronto (Brampton to be more specific). Did my BSc and MSc (biomechanics) at the Univ. of IL-Champaign while on the track team (110mH). I then coached for two years at ILSTU before returning home.

That’s it in a nutshell…


I’m in an L.A. County suburb in CA (Burbank, for those who are from the area), and I’m a Junior in HS. School and other sports (football) affect my training more than I’d like, but I manage to make do with the opportunities I have.

Brazil - I started to work in a Bank Office 2 weeks ago, and my trains are not the same as well. Basically, less time but more quality.
Hmmm, less food, less hours of sleep and less fat too… :stuck_out_tongue:
More money :smiley:

Btw, this picture in my avatar is from the University where i´m finishing this year my graduation in Business Administration.