Where do the europeans go wrong?

How does the training principles of european coaches differ from those largely
agreed on here?

Any examples of european training idiosyncracies?

I thought that Charlie got alot of his info from Europeans. The 10 day taper that he prescribes is from a German coach is it not? Hmmm.

Indeed much of the basic principles of Charlies and other noted coaches programs originate from eastern europe.

But the question is - are these principles applied in europe in the same manner?

Why must a european athlete travel to the USA to be trained by a european living there?

Are there a general lack of know-how in europe?

One significant difference that Charlie has noted between North American and European training approaches is the use of general strength training in North America versus the “specific” strength training that predominates in Europe.

It seems from where I am, that the coaches believe the reason US athletics is successful is because there is so much competition between athletes that strongest shall survive.

Experts here tell us to use weights specific stuff, but on the other side we should do fitball stuff.

Coaches and parents etc… find it hard to change from what they did as athletes. It takes alot of guts to change coaching methods. I get laughed at when I tell people how I plan.

Sorry about - not knowing anything about european or US coaching it is difficult to answer.