where can i purchase good EMS gadgets?

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IMHO one needs to do the muscle groups that require endurance; for instance for a marathon runner quads and calves.

If you do all different muscles, you can do all of them in the same day.

Thanks for the input! I have a compex sport and the endurance setting is 50 minutes. I will play around with it and your ideas this winter.

EST, IMHO the 50 minute setting is too long. We have dedicated protocols in the Globus machines sold in North America, that take only 25 minutes for Endurance.

Besides Endurance we offer Ultra-Endurance programs that hit higher stimulation frequencies. These frequencies are situated between slow-twitch and fast-twitch fibers. Our rationale is that if you are seriously training for endurance events, there is no way you can develop the wattage needed, relying purely on slow-twitch fibers. Therefore you need to train at the same time slow-twitch and fast-twitch.

hey do you ship internationally??

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