where can i purchase good EMS gadgets?

anyone have a clue?

What exactly are you looking for? If you can be more descriptive about your needs, there are definitely members here with lots of experience they can share.

Strengthpowerspeed (run by NumberTwo from this site) has some good units.


thanks stikki this is informative.

has anyone bought the Strengthpowerspeed unit?

I have the Compex Pro and it’s difficult to use, and I can’t use the 10/50 sec protocol on it.

I bought the “SpeedCoach Plus” and am very happy with it.

A year ago if you would have told me I was going to purchase this, I would not have believed it…but very glad I did.

Mostly have used it for recovery and it works wonders. In a couple weeks I will be using it for the sprint training it was specially programmed for.

Used almost daily with excellent results.

Very robust and high quality, battery lasts a long time between charges, about 2 weeks or more, which makes it very portable.

I believe this unit is one with the highest Milliamp output of most all EMS devices, it has 4 independent channels…plus, you can add split cables and double the pads, which is what I do… work 2x the area and get done twice as fast, which is very important to me.

I only wish there was more information on use, training etc. and a section here just on EMS would be great too.

Hope that helps…

how much??



Nice to see you are using it regularly. Ku2u just purchased a unit and plans to use it in his Olympic lifting program moving forward. It will be interesting to see what his thoughts are as well.

Rich, you mentioned you would like more information on use. Did you find the manual that comes with it not as thorough as required? The manual seems to be an important selling feature, and if it doesn’t explain uses thoroughly I’d be a bit more hesitant about spending that kind of money. What is it that you’d like to see more information on?

Do you ever have problems with some of the channels not allowing you to go over 10 during max strength without shutting off?

If you refer to the Globus units, they are designed to detect, above 10 mA, if there is poor contact with the skin. If that is the case the channel in question stops its output. Send me a personal message and I can help you diagnose the problem.

I’d like to know more about ideal limb positions and joint angles…

There are different points of view. Perhaps this grants a new thread (alert me with a PM if you do).

I was mostly refering to the Globus owners manual, which, if you don’t purchase one of Derek’s software upgraded models, you don’t get all the Sprint program planning and other much needed information that is included, among other great information.

There are many, who have researched EMS and already know what works for them, other uses etc. and it would be great to get all this information onto this forum.
After doing some internet searches…there is very very little information, especially trustworthy and useable, as there are just as much bad information out there too.

These devices have many uses and have many, many settings that the factory manual barely mentions.

Agree, rich. There is a big online hole in regards to useful information about ems. I was searching last night and was only able to come up with two pages that had anything useful.

So far the best resource had been the tutorial thread in the cf archives…

"Do you ever have problems with some of the channels not allowing you to go over 10 during max strength without shutting off? "

I remember reading something about there being built-in safety in case of loose, or disconnected cables, bad connections etc.

Never have had any problems at all…very solid device and powerful.

Also, between Derek and Giovanni, there is support for any problem just an email or phone call away. Any questions I have had were answered quickly and given more information than expected…plus I regularly recieve updated information.

One of the better purchases I have made

I think that to understand EMS one has to start from the basics. I created an EMS Digest at this shortcut bit.ly/emsdigest. But most of the information I further summarized into this CF thread

gciriani, what is your thoughts on what muscle groups to use for endurance protocols? Would you do the entire protocol on each muscle, or because of extended durations, do one protocol per muscle per day?

that first link is one of the 2 pages I was referring to…

I mentioned that there are competing points of view. What I’ve learned is that muscle will train best by replicating what it needs to accomplish. Therefore, my preference is to flex the joint that engages the muscle at about mid point of the range of motion (ROM) of the athletic gesture. For instance sitting with your knees forming a 110-degree angle, while stimulating the quadriceps.

However, others prefer a more distended position for the muscle. I think that’s Derek preferred position with it, and he has much more experience than I have at using EMS to train athletes. But I do not want to put words in his mouth.