Where can I buy Speedtrap II?

I have tried to contact Performbetter - but they don’t even reply on my messages. Where else can I buy the Speedtrap II wireless system?

To get accurate splits I now simply use a laptop and video camera. Since I already have both all i needed was a bit of software which I got free off the web. Very accurate split times and with 40min break between runs you have time to process the info! More expensive software can give you near immediate feedback.


You can get the speedtrap straight from www.browertiming.com/

I know Perform Better and several other track/athletic stores like that have them. Just search around on the net. I think perform better / mfathletic might have like 10% off for USATF members.

be wary of accuracy of brower timing system though. this has been covered elsewhere on the site but with a single beam system it can be set of by the hand coming through in front of the body…

i have a innervations system that measure the longest on of the body through the beam so takes the hand out of the equation and runs it right into excell but is alot more expensive.

True, but doesn’t the IAAF (often see them on jump runways) and NFL use the brower system for alot of its timing needs?

That sounds cool, do you have a link to thier website? Its amazing how sports scientists don’t pick up on this.

I had a biomechanics expert time my 10m from blocks using a speed gate in 1.72s and not bat an eyelid! It wasn’t until I pointed out a few splits for some world record holding athletes that he started to tweek that something fishy was going on!

will dig out the site and post it ASAP.
the system with lifetime free software upgrades cost me about $5000 but i think as all things hi tech the price has gone down these days.

but it included 5 timing gates inc tripods
jump matt

its great for team sport testing to i have made a return on my investment just by testing for sporting acadamies, pro sport teams etc…
software post right into excel with split times, mps, ave velocity, or whatever u set test for…

they have now developed a sensor pad so you can measure reaction time then 10/20/30/40m intervals and so on.

for track use only it is a huge cost as i tend to only use it early in the program when were not racing to keep track of short speed in comparison to previous year.


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thanks was about to post the link to the site