Where Are They Now

think it would be interesting to look back at some outstanding youth and junior performances over the past 10 years and see what happened to the particular athlete and see if any members know of when they last ran why they left the sport.

This weeks Missing Star -
Obea Mooore USA born 1979
1996 400m WJ Champion

at age 16 ran 45.14 the fastest of any 16 year old in history…

heard hamstring injuries and a (reported) death of his girlfriend all helped in him leaving the sport.

Does anyone know if he attempted a comeback considering that in 2008 he will still only be 30 years old.

He has actually been racing this season:

800m race at Ben Brown meet in early march, he had a DNF

Mid march: 400m at Northridge Invitational
1 Moore, Obea Unattached 48.25

Orange Coast College Mini Invitational
4/7/06 Orange Coast
moore, obea UNA-Rio Hondo 48.09 - 2 second win

47.69 Obea Moore - CSULA twilight meet (he won by over a second

Long Beach Invite
1 Moore, Obea er Unattached 47.81 1

all 3 in early/mid april

End of May (last weekend) at USATF San Diego-Imperial Association Open Championships
100: 11.07 (+2.1)
400: 47.87

He appears to be sort of stuck at the high 47 range…

Great news glad to see him back in the sport.

to fill the gaps between 96 and 2004 i have found this great read. rather long but worth every minute.



Results from the weekend:

Men 400 Meter Dash

Meet: # 44.66 2004 Andrew Rock, UW-LaCrosse

Section 1
1 Mike Mitchell So Cal Cheetahs 46.14
2 Jerome Davis unattached 46.36
3 Jevon Mason unattached 46.45
4 Rashaad Johnson Perpetual Motion 46.87
5 William Moore unattached 47.10

Apparently Obea/William… a little bit more of an improvement

thanks for the latest result hope to see him improve throughout the season.

Obea/William well thats new not even the IAAF stats in 96 had that as his name.

who is he working under these days?

Im not 100% sure it is him, but ‘apparently’ - i may be mistaken though… it is from the SoCal USATF Champs - check them out here:

not sure who is his coach though, or if he even has one.

Apparently though “he said he has been injured a lot and he “really wanted to be out there with those guys”. I think he said that he had a problem with his legs being slighly different lengths and that has caused all sorts of balance problems/injuries. Of course, that was last summer and my memory could be failing me.”

He is also still a personal trainer and nutritionist apparently. Has no trouble with money or training. Its more the old problem of actually getting the mindset to do it. It may be different this time around though…

yeah just went back and looked up USA junior records and it is william obea moore.

thx for the updates please keep them rolling along as he hopefully improves this season.