Where are they now-Mike Granville

What happened to the US freshmen through senior 800m record holder?

All I know are his times:

Freshman: 1:51.03 1993 Mike Granville, Bell Gardens, CA
Sophomore: 1:48.98 1994 Mike Granville, Bell Gardens, CA
Junior: 1:47.96 1995 Mike Granville, Bell Gardens, CA
Senior: 1:46.45 5/31/1996 Mike Granville, Bell Gardens, CA

Any assistance would be appreicated. Any of the members who wern’t 6 and a half when he set the HS record could help me out? Anything at all would be appericated as to why he seemed to peak at Bell Gardens and not UCLA or on the international stage. You arn’t supposed to run under 1:46.5 as an 18 year old and not get any better. He also graduated high school with a 3.99 unweighted GPA seems like he was really driven and talented, kinda had the overbearing track father from what I can gather…burnout?

But to give you an idea of how dominant he was his freshmen time would be 4th in North Carolina state history and 14 seconds ahead of my school’s freshmen record and 4 seconds ahead of my school record and we had a 4:04 1600m guy this year(who didn’t really run the 800 except for team points) but still. Anyone have any insight on Granville beyond what google provides?

Anyone know what he could throw down for 400m(maybe 45 on a relay) or 1600m(4:10’s???) or in a 5k…he did run cross country didn’t he. That would be a hell of a kick.

thanks for taking the time to read.

He’s listed as being on the roster of Nike’s Farm Team.

He ran 49 and 1:50 as recently as 2003.

I believe the prevailing theory is that he trained too much lactic tolerance as a teenager, and has damaged his body’s ability to improve further.

Really? Thats got to be frustrating for him. So its not similar to Obea Moore who basicly dropped the sport?

Any thoughts on Lamar Davis and Karjuan Williams…seeing as how your from Raliegh? How will they stack up to Granville? Williams is done as a prep but Davis still has another year.

Honestly hadn’t heard the names till you just mentioned them. Gabby Mayo and Johnny Dutch have gotten some local media attention, though. Looking up Davis and Williams, I’m a bit embarrassed to not know them since they both run my favorite event. That indoor 1:50 for Williams is blazing. In comparison to Granville, I hope to see the two of them lighting it up in Chapel Hill for the next 4 years. You just never know about these preps. My senior year of high school this guy named Tyrone Dozier was tearing up everything at Leesville. Star of the basketball team, football team, and ran 46. on the track. Went to NCSU and I don’t think he ran a wink faster.

I’m not positive, but I don’t think Dozier ran 46 in h.s. I believe he was about mid 47. Started at ECU transferred to State after his freshman year. Again, not sure but I believe he did get into the mid 45’s at least by his second year to qualify for NCAA’s.

Tyrone Dozier Raleigh Leesville Rd 47.50 1997 in the 97 state meet.

he ended up running 45.74 for the NCSU record not out there like Alvis Whitted at 10.02 and 20.03 but a solid time.

Dozier is still 19th all time in state history over 1 lap but both Williams and Davis were faster this year at state meet and Williams anchored the third place 4x800 from way back to third and took the 4x400 as well and Davis ran the 800 as well.

Davis had a great performance in the 800. Dylan Ferris(800/1600) ran about 53 for the first lap and Davis came in down by around 40 meters and just flew around on the bell lap and ended up losing by only a few tenths. Amazing to watch, probably one of the best performances I’ve seen in NC high school track this year. An entire field under 11ht in the finals at Pac 6 conferance meet and 4:05 in flats on a cement track rank up there.

Back to Williams(first three years of HS were in Louisana), there was some talk of him being a record threat to Granville because he was Nike Outdoor Ntl champ as a junior and ran 1:49 low while contesting other events but between indoor states and indoor nationals he pulled his hamstring but still ran at NIN. smart move. so the whole outdoor season until regionals and states he was basicly running just enough to win 1st.

his indoor states results:
300:Karjuan Williams, New Bern, 34.77
500:Karjuan Williams, New Bern, 1:04.92
relays: New Bern (Karjuan Williams 12, Darly Reynolds 12, Andrew Hendrix 09, Edward Armstrong 12), 3:25.24
New Bern (Anthony Hendrix 09, Andrew Hendrix 09, Daniel Castelow 11, Karjuan Williams 12), 8:05.25. both meet records. so he accounted for 40 points at state meet. he split something like 1:53 and 48low.

davis: Lamarr Davis, E. Wake, 2:35.23 2nd in the 1000. I think davis working the over distance is stupid he’s a 22sec 200 man and in reality his only shot at being a ntl caliber 800 guy is if he runs 21.low because he’s never gonna have the endurance to run 1:4x at the pace the africans do he’s gonna need to front run a 46.x and then run a 57 see how the africans and middle easterners like that.

Back to williams: I am unsure of his collage choice but it should be somewhere that he has to work b/c from what i’ve seen he’ll run the deuce and the 400 very hard but dies or gives up in the 800. At USA junior olympics/nationals he had around a 3-5m lead and got passed by a Division 2 runner who had a high school pr of 1:53high. Davis let him nip him at the line. In Bejing this year at junior worlds i fully expect him to get pwned and it’ll be ugly. He’ll need to run sub 1:51 and sub 1:50 in the span of a couple days to try and MAKE finals. it’ll be a new experiance for him for sure. Good news though he probably has superior speed to anyone else in the field he split 46.2 to bring New Bern from about 100m back to a little closer in the golden west invitational. i just don’t think he’s stacking up to the two sub 1:47 guys in the field.

Also watchout for me posting after the Carribean Scholastic Invite, if my HS teamate beats AJ Acosta and Andrew Bumbalaugh’s 1500m times then USATF will have to stop trying to adopt the past 2 FootLocker NTL champs in XC and take away one of there spots in Bejing in the 1500. :slight_smile: 3:45 in the 1500m here we go Jack Bolas.

At junior worlds we’ll need to win the 100 and 200 and get major points in the 400 to win and with J-Mee not running it looks like it falls on the shoulders of Willie Perry, go willie

I’ve been following Ferris’ progress a bit this year and if the things keep progressing as they have, he’ll put up some really big times in the future since he’s only a soph.
NC high school track, though it’s had a good past in recent years, has probably never seen a season like this past year in terms of top, national caliber(even national leading) performances-across the board.
Perry has improved so much since moving onto Fla. Known primarily as a good 100 guy and and even better 200 guy, he seems to have also developed a little more balance between the two events, along with the great overall improvement.

As far as MG’s 400 best, I remember him winning the young men’s national j.o. champs in San Jose(I attended-coach) for 400m in about a low to mid 46-this back in 1995 and Obea Moore was still an intermediate. Not sure of his exact time or if the time represented a p.r. for him but I think it was.

This year and 05 were amazing for overall performances I have to imagine 07 and 08 will be deep in the sprints as well. Watch out for Kenny Brooks in the 400 as a sophmore next year. pr of 49.low in regionals while running the 200 and 4x200 before, i think he can go 48.mid by the end of the summer season with the durham striders and he seems to be focusing on track and not doing any other sports but Riverside High doesn’t have an indoor team. :rolleyes: .

Mid 46 is pretty quick. better than Williams and Davis and certainly Ferris oh and me too. haha.

I think Ferris can try get the 800 record next year but I think Davis will get it next year and make a run at the 1600 record his senior year. but I don’t think he’ll get it. He should get the 800 his senior year.

115 Ferris, Dylan 10 East Forsyth 18:57.40. slower than the girls race winner at NC states. I can probably run that in a 5k, Dylan your not showing much over the XC course. He’s got a kick but he showed restraint in the 1600 and didn’t try to run Bolas down. that would of been a joke to try. He should bring East Forysth into the top 10 next year by himself at track states.

Ferris ran one unimportant meet for EF this year where he double something like 22.7/22.8 and 50.??? certainly not 46 quality but if he were to really focus on it, he could probably go at least mid to high 49 open soon after.

regionals is 22.5 for 4A in most of the state. Jesus he’s got some wheels. Do you know if EF is gonna go to some of the bigger invitationals like Apex and what not I wanna run against/see him run b4 states cause i am probably getting stuck in the mid east region and he’s not running the deuce or 4 in states, he’s good but not that good.

just looked it up and Karjuan Williams is going to Texas Tech. any thoughts on how he’ll do?

No idea as to what EF’s seasonal plans might be. I live nearby EF but no longer in coaching. If he were to get serious in those events I feel he, though, of course, very unlikely to win states, could be competitive in those events. Of course when you can run 1:51 as a soph. why bother?

Other than J. Johnson, I am not all that familiar with their (TT’s) history with 800m guys.

I just want to run against him on a 4x4 and we are unlikely to make states and I presume EF is the same way. I would like to run against him, antonio sales(seeing as how we race them like 3 times besides invitationals i think i’ve got it) and johnny dutch(i belive he 4x4’ed at states for team points).

Obea moore leading the way as a freshmen ended up 7th Granville about to blow by him to win in sub 1:50. talk about two guys who left it all in high school but were amazing then.