Where am I at?

Hey guys, basicly, Im tring to figure out where I am In my training for my jump, I have been weight training for about 2 years, and now have been starting to training for more power (5x5) instead of just basic stuff (3x10). Im working on finishing up some plyos now, and Im tring to figure out that to do next, if I should just add more plyos, or maybe add in some olympic lift, since I heard, and have researched that they are good for jump training. Some other info Age:16 Weight:170 Squat: 190 Vertical jump: 30"
I hope this help, and if anyone could give me any ideas, that would be really great, ooh yeah, I’m really considering adding olympic lifts.

for jumping correct technique is vital at your age,lay down a good mechanical foundation while you are young so that you can focus on other aspects when older.plyros are also very important for jump training.just don’t be stupid when introducing plyros,stay on grass and avoid the dangerous one legged bounds etc.

By looking at your squat #'s you have a lot of room for improvement just by increasing your strength. Get your squat to around 300 and see what happens. The vertical jump is a measure of power. Power=Force x Velocity. All things being equal, if you increase the “F” part of your equation (squat), your vertical jump will improve substantially as well. As it is now, you probably don’t have enough muscular recruitment capabilities and basic strength to get the most bang for the buck from plyos, o-lifts etc.