when to take supplements?

i am currently taking creatine and hmb before workouts, and glutamine + protein after.

Question: on a speed and weights day, should i take supps before and after running, or before running with the creatine and hmb, then wait until after finished weights before i take protein and glutamine, or just save them all until i do weights?

thanks in advance

D i always have my protein and glut straight after my sessions.the sooner you get the nurisments into you after working out the better.so as soon as i drop the last weight i reach for my shake,drink it then cool down.the window of opportunity last only briefly and you must make the most of it while you can!


I do not like HMB - I tried it, and found no benefit.

Whilst it did well in tests in the lab - it didn’t do so well in real life.

I would suggeest you spend your money elsewhere.

HMB test results were good, but the tests were done by a company that sold HMB (from what I can remember). I have not seen any tests done on it elsewhere where it showed any sort of tangible results.

I also have a question about when to take certain supplements…Are you suppose to take a protien shake with carbs on certain days only? I have Low carb GROW! and Champion whey protein. I take my grow! after hard workouts and weights which are 3 days a week, and after the easy days i take the champions protein. Does it make a difference and if it does why?

i know i need to take protein as soon as possible after exercise, however, should i be taking it after running, AND after weights, or just one or the other.

same applies for creatine. should i just take it before running, or should i take it before weights?

D -
I’ve the same problem.
I start taking my shake just after running (I find it messes with my stomach if I try and take it while running) and continue during the weights. I then take a PWD also.
I keep it a very low solution ~ 7%.

i usually go straight from track to weights.after track i usually take lite carbs to replenish and basically get me throughtout the weights session.straight after my final reps i get the protein/carbs in no-matter what.add in some vitC/l-glut or what ever and its bedtime.

on my tempo day i would substitute more carbs slightly less protein in my post work out shake.

23 what protein brand do you use,some of the stuff on the market can mess you up.go for a fine protein which can be digested easily

Xman - I use SNI - Sports Nutrition International, Pure Whey.