When is a false start not a false start

Has anyone seen these graphs before!
Isn’t it unfair to say that drummond false started? I mean the equipment says that he did false start. But he actually didn’t. No advantage gained by that ripple. I mean that ripple is just a ripple. Adjusting his foot on the pad whatever. But the equipment doesn’t like people to fire a low % of their neurons at the start even if it was not devoted to exploding out of the blocks. Doesn’t that mean that the IAAF should rewrite the rule and say that you should stay still in your place in a way that would satisfy our equipment! other than not intending to start before the gun is fired. The ripple started before the gun was fired and then it went a bit down and up slighty to pass that first line and then back down.

My explaination is that he probably came up to set position in a viguorus way and a little adjustment on the block caused all that. Asafa powell did a true false start. But look at the difference. God. We are worshiping the equipment. Satisfy the equipment and you satisfy starting the right kind of start. Is that the case? I don’t know. After what I’ve seen I would be so scared at the blocks in a track meet and Me being that scared could make me wobble or something producing a ripple that the computer doesn’t seem to like and then the race could start with me called as a false starter where I’d be sitting where I am and everyone else is half way stopping. ! I don’t understand. Could that be the case. And would the human eye or common sense come in at one point. I don’t know.