When do we get charliefrancis.com apparel?

With all of the new additions, no t-shirts or nothing? I’m always looking to represent, but I end up wearing lame college sports t-shirts all the time. Can we at least get a cool cf.com t-shirt or sweatshirt?

Good idea!!!

Furget that, We need woolen CF.com g-strings!!! that’ll get you running reeeeal faaaast :smiley:

SK,this will be put forward as a great suggestion and also its a great idea. :slight_smile:

How many will purchase a shirt? I just don’t see it happening anytime soon. When we have members that still don’t have speed trap…shirts are a long time away.

You will never get this type of product here and we have no plans on releasing a clothing line.

Hope this helps


How many will purchase $90 worth of a supplement they’ve never used :wink: ? Where’s the 1-pak?

I would trust Clemson with supplements. Also, Charlie wouldn’t risk selling a poor quality supplement.

There is an article comming soon I believe on the Frost.

I’m not saying it’s not good. I think alot of people on this board are students or young athletes. It’s easier for them to afford $25 to try something out rather than spend $90 in one shot.

There is no “1 pack”. Why would anybody spend $15 dollars to get a $21.00 product?

The intent of the “4 pack” is to save our customers money on the shipping.



I agree it’s hard to fork over an entire 6 month supply of supplements but remember if a lot of college guys are lean with cash then group together with someone else to get your own bottle.

The products at cf.com are like grenades, all you got to do is pull the pin and watch it work. They are not experimental products - maybe you will run faster or improve strength. Proven products.

Other options are to get a group of people together and split the cost.

any reason in particular that the website has no plans on a clothing line?

surely ur not worried about stigma?

tho keeping this site semi-underground does have its own charm

“nobody talked about it, but they could tell with just one look when someone else was a member.”

Its just not a direction we’re interested in going in.

Perhaps this will change when Charlie releases his first music album, but until then…its hard to say.



Yeah, I’d go for a Charlie’s Greatest Hits album, just so long as it’s not along the John Tesh new age synthesizer stuff :smiley:

Actually an audible speed trap book might not be a bad idea, “hear the story as told by the man himself”

CF.com is about information and education. A company should play to it’s strengths. I think the decision to avoid these kinds of products is a good one. While a few of the forum members might like to represent when you have to compete with Nike and Adidas it isn’t really a viable option.

How much does producing a t-shirt really cost? Shit, forget it. I’ll make my own :smiley: